Bongu Movie Review

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Genre: Solicitous * full of anxiety and engaged in ever sequels.

Synopsis: The film “Bongu” was directed by Taj, the preeminent role was focused on Natty, Ruhi Singh and Arjunan. The script was based on three guys who lost their lives and without any intention they started to swindle upper class people.

Story: In the opening Natty, Ruhi Singh and Arjunan steps in many car companies and they have been refused, due to their past had a black mark and this leads them started to targets on cars and betrays to a person, the guys doesn’t have the intent of revenge on the people who send them to the jail, and in the prison Babu helps them and he joining in their team. Even a security role done by Ramdoss (Mani) he was being used in the plans. A twist was given by the Rolls Royce car made a change in their lifestyle, for all these wrenches was by a Pandian who is living in Madurai and he had the passion of keeping many foreign cars by making fraudulent, now Natty is planning to target for Pandian’s ten numbers of costly cars. At the end, Bongu guys released from their fraud approach is the rest of the flick.

The music keeps in a dilemma and the cinematography strikes. The film “Bongu” sure entertain the audience, but there are lots of ups and down in the twirl.
Natty is belligerent in his performances and in the dialogues, Ruhi Singh attracted the audiences by her beauty, Ramdoss
is a guy who strengthens towards the script by his comedies.

Verdict: Not boring

Deva * Natty

Janani * Ruhi Singh

Bhaskar * Arjunan


Director * Taj

Music director * Srikanth Dev

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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