Bonjour India presented ‘Samghata’ a music performance by Thierry

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Following the launch of Bonjour India – incubating dreams, ideas and projects which aim to move the partnership between India and France into the future, Alliance Française of Madras in association with Exodus & Phoenix Marketcity Chennai presented – SAMGHATA, a music performance by Thierry Pécou. The performance took place on 25th February 2018 at 4.00pm at Phoenix Marketcity, Velachery as a part of the Global Isai festival.
Thierry Pécou came India with a new composition that brings Indian and Western musicians together. Two traditions, the oral and the written, come face-to-face, as do two ways of approaching sound, rhythm, forms. The structure of the programme is set up like a roadmap, with Thierry guiding the musicians from behind the piano. Together they found a route during working sessions preceding the performances. Sometimes Western instruments will take the lead, at others Hindustani elements will take over. And from time to time, they all end up on a crossroads or a roundabout, where both meet, collide and cross-link each other.
A wave of nostalgia came over Thierry Pécou speaking about his first ever visit to India, he stated “For those who have never visited India; the first time it almost be some kind of initiation. Forget the India in your imagination, even when your expectation has been influenced by the images from the media reality will not even remotely resemble the picture in your mind. First contact is like a positive shock to your system, caused by a mixture of fascination, wonder, exhilaration and destabilization.”
Dr. Bertrand de Hartingh, General Curator of Bonjour India, Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, was delighted to have Thierry perform at The Bonjour India: “The amalgamation of Indian and French music to be presented by Ensemble Variances, brought the two traditions –of Western & Indian music come face-to-face, as two ways of approaching sound and rhythm. Through this repertoire the audience found something that appealed to their musical sensibility and witnessed a unique representation of the universal language of music”.
About Bonjour India:

The third edition of Bonjour India 2017-18 is a four-month-long mega voyage across India that will celebrate Indo-French partnership as well as shape the next decade of human exchange between the two countries. From November 2017 to February 2018, Bonjour India covers 100 projects in 33 cities across 20 states & union territories. Bonjour India provides a platform for enduring partnerships across the themes of Smart Citizen, High Mobility, Go Green. Bonjour India is unprecedented given the ambitious scale of its partnership with India. People at the forefront of their fields will share their inspiring journeys as they change society through their innovation and creativity. At events collaboratively organised across cities and disciplines, amid performances, debates, seminars and exhibitions, all audiences will find something that captures their imagination.


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