Boomerang Movie Review

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Director R. Kannan let out the obscure and unpleasant emotions that are experienced by the farmers, filled with the commercial-grade.

Synopsis: With the erstwhile format, many movies visualized the issues of the farmers, in that list something intended as representative of the whole was “Kaththi”  focused on the farmers’ difficulties as the mass hero Vijay balanced with punch dialogues. R. Kannan had found out the loopholes, which the audience might get exhausted, with the smart approach the flick opens with distinct attempt face transplantation. 

The first half, holds the tragical background of Sakthi with that track on along a Visual Communication student GG (Megha Akash), who balancing Shiva and Sakthi. In the second half Indhuja, RJ Balaji, who were endures the content to expose hardness of the tillers. 

Story: Shiva (Atharvaa), who observed him in a hospital with the quality of being atrocious that he was met with a fire accident and his parents requesting for optional to make him cure. The doctor suggest for a face transplant surgery and they were requesting towards a strange mother Suhasini Maniratnam that her son counting days for the survival. 

After the surgery, betterment face Shiva becomes a smart guy by holding Sakthi’s face. With this the film travels with comedy portions, Sathish gets confused with a man Sakthi face with that Megha Akash rejects Shiva face and falling love with the guy Sakthi’s face and Shiva is getting recognized by his friend and rejected face was getting admired. In this conforming to a type, the film emerging with rural concerns.

Shiva, who lives in the city after the surgery that he decided to reduce his parents’ burden, he moves along with his friend Gopal (Sathish) for the job. At a point, when he started to step in a smooth life, the fuzzy guys follow him and target to attack him. 

Now, Shiva is getting confused about why the guys tracing him and knocking the door of Sakthi’s mother’s house, the lady express that Sakthi is not her son that he too strange for her and worried that she pulled Shiva in a trouble. With a clue, they guys move towards Trichy to get more details about Shiva. The IT guys Sakthi and RJ Balaji after the recession, stepping into the agricultural field. 

Unfortunately, they come to know about water scarcity, which was the great drawback for the farmers. Obviously, a local councillor and the cops who were all favour towards corporate world and they all opposes their ideas on a new project by connecting the rivers. As usual cinematic drama the culprit was killed and there is no completion for “Boomerang” film’s farmers.

Atharvaa had been flourishing in the restraint performance, which following in his upcoming movies, RJ Balaji voices out of social causes. The music director hits out both in songs and BGM.

Verdict: tired less drama.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Atharvaa * Siva and Sakthi

Megha Akash * Gee Gee

Indhuja Ravichandran * Maya

Upen Patel * Sooraj

Sathish * Gopal

Narayan Lucky * Sam

RJ Balaji * Shanmugam

Suhasini Maniratnam * Aishwarya

Mahendran * Mahesh


Direction, Producer and written * R. Kannan 

Music but *Radhan

Cinematography * Prasanna Kumar

Edited by * R.K. Selva

Production Company * Masala Pix

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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