Bounce Salon & Spa launches India’s first Eco Salon at OMR on 24th April 2019

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Bounce Salon & Spa launches India’s first Eco Salon at OMR on 24th April 2019. Mr. Davide Bollati, Chairman of Davines s.p.A., Italy and Brian Suhr, internationally acclaimed Hair Artist, were present at the launch event.

Having been inspired by Mr. Bollati and Luxury Hair care brand Davines, Bounce salons created a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly salon with primarily DAVINES & COMFORT ZONE products which will help and heal clients through amazing hair and beauty products & services in their salon. To create awareness in the consumers about “Sustainable Beauty” is one of the key reasons Mr. Bollat has been invited by Mrs. Latha Mohan & Mr. Vikram Mohan, owners of Bounce Salons.

Davines & Mr. Bollati want to initiate a ‘WE CARE’ movement in the Indian salon industry by initiating awareness on sustainability and present DAVINES HAIR CARE products and services which are sustainable for the salon clients, the consumers and the environment. The more this movement of ‘WE CARE” spreads, the more active the consumers will be about using correct/ ethical products which help and heal the environments and ultimately us/ our families / our friends.


Our ideal of beauty works through practical and “sustainable” efforts. For DAVINES, sustainability deals with the responsibility we owe to ourselves, the people with which we work, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate. Our vision of “sustainability” has a range of connected meanings:

– “sustainability” in regard to our commitment to minimizing the impact on the environment, not compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow;

– “sustainability” in regard to the effectiveness of our products and the safety of our customers, thanks to the privileged use of natural ingredients, enhanced with cutting-edge cosmetic technologies and an artisanal spirit.

– “sustainability” in regard to “freedom of creation”. Our decisions are led more by “intuition” than “calculation”. Our pioneering spirit guides us to explore ideas beyond trends. At Davines, every idea is born free and then developed with authenticity, in harmony with our values.

– “sustainability” in regard to “ethics”, which in ancient Greek means “house, shelter, lair”. Honored of being a family company, we make our professional environment a homely place where to develop oneself and create sincere and trustful relationships with others, based on transparency and collaboration.

In summarizing, “beautiful and good” – as the ancients referred to the inseparable unity between exterior and interior beauty – is another way to say “Sustainable Beauty” and “Sustainable Beauty” is another way to say Davines.

Address: 1st floor, Spectra G, Survey 339 / 2B & 340A / 2B1A Rajiv Gandhi salai,
Indiranagar, Okkiam Thoraipakam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097

Ph. No: 078240 88002, 044-43856681

Introducing Bounce Eco Salon: Less is more.

Bounce cares as much about the beauty of Earth as it cares about you.

A Chennai based salon and spa brand founded in 2004 and now with over 30 salons across Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and expanding.

Hence in an effort to reduce our and your carbon footprint, we introduce Bounce Eco Salon.
The salon will be officially launched by the Co-founder of Davines, Mr. Davide Bollati on 24th April, Wednesday.

Davines, an Italian hair care brand is one of the forerunners in sustainable beauty.

The Eco Salon is built on the model of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to minimize the use of everyday resources.

· 70% of our operations is solar powered and 70% of the furnishings is upcycled.

· The salon uses recycled water for flushing and uses water saving nozzles in all its taps to save over 50,000 gallons of water every year.

· 70% of the salon’s furniture and decor is upcycled.

· All the products we use are ecologically manufactured and packaged.

· Green wall to purify air.

· Highest quality LED lights that use less power.

· We are trying to achieve more with less.

· Biodegradable cups and no plastic water bottles.

· Hemp towels which are biodegradable in six weeks.

· Eco-friendly detergents, cleaning agents and toiletries used.

With greener alternatives, we have also designed practices that are safe both to our customers and the Earth. Also, a very serious effort to educate and create awareness to take green practices into our client’s lives. In other words, it’s sustainable beauty for our customers and the Earth.

Bounce also takes the pledge today, to convert the current salons’ operations to a more eco-friendly environment by incorporating as many practices mentioned above as possible.

All our future salons will continue to have the same eco-friendly narrative. Less is more.

Bounce Eco Salon is open for both salon and spa services on OMR, Chennai.

Address: 1st floor, Spectra G, Survey 339 / 2B & 340A / 2B1A Rajiv Gandhi salai,
Indiranagar, Okkiam Thoraipakam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600097

Ph. No: 078240 88002, 044-43856681


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