Buthanin Sirippu Movie Review

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Buthanin SirippuButhanin Sirippu Movie Review

Comedy * not only for fun making to laugh in the theatre it expand viewers to think over about our present condition of India.

Information * are more related towards scientific and awareness of social evils.

Corruption and poverty * are pushing back for the growth of India.

Story: Kathir is an educated agriculturalist, and he was keen to Safeguard his gardens. His destination is to bring INDIA should be the best country in high and quality of agriculture. To achieve his plan, he has approached the bank. And his lover Nethara, supporting for his steps.The second hero performed by Arun, he is an engineer, he had invented a modern machine which cleans the wastage, he wants to make his country clean. Arun plan to go co-operation to implement his idea. Arun gets frustrating and his lover encourages him for his project. Higher authority was not taking any action, for his survival, he was adapting his own business on the road platform.

Artist list:
Mahesh * Kathir, Suresh Sakaria * Arun, Samudrakani * Vetrimaran, Madhu * Father, Vivek * SR , Theepti Ganesh * Edakkalla

Technician list:
Stunt * G
Lyrics * Sarathy
Playback singers * Vijay Yesudas, Arunadha Sriram, Mahathu, Sainthavi, Suchithra, Alapraj, Vinithra, Yogi.
Art director * S.S. Rajakalai
Music * AJ Alimirzaq
Editor * Idris
Photography * Yogesh
Producer * Suresh Kumar Sakaria
Written & directed by * victory Davidson


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