Cake Mixing Ceremony at The Residency Towers

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Heralding the oncoming of Christmas, The Residency Towers organised a Cake Mixing Ceremony on the 22nd of October at 4:00 pm in the presence of the Hotel staff and guests. Headed by the General Manager of The Residency Towers, Mr Erine Louis and their Executive Chef Mr Ashok Eapen, the guests and hotel staff revelled in the delight of the cake mixing ceremony. Also seen at the Ceremony was the sizzling Kollywood Actress Sanam Shetty who was also seen participating in the ceremony.

Ingredients such as Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Cherries, Dates and Walnuts were mixed with Rum, Whiskey and Brandy along with some cinnamon and cardamom to form the delicious batter for the cake. This delectable batter will be left to soak in the flavours and aromas of each other, after which it will be baked and sold to the public during the Christmas season.




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