Chandi Veeran Movie Review

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Chandi-Veeran-Movie-Poster-9Genre: Social causes * of the message conveyed in a drawn-out drama, with an extra flavor of love with fragile comedy.

Outline *  A successful list of movies by Atharva’s upcoming action oriented film is “Chani Veeran”, with MS Sharavanan presenting a village facing water contaminated and excessive salty and the village people couldn’t lead a normal life.  A day to day life was in a struggle.

Atharva supports his village people, and scramble for his neighbor village to get pure water.

Story: Sri Green Production and by the direction of A. Sarkunam has yielded in a different perspective, a hero in a village has an affair with his childhood girlfriend (Anandhi). In this elongate of story movie rolls with funny side. The hero’s intention is to earn at Singapore to uplift his miserable condition of the family.  But he had been missing his father, in a clash between two villages, for an issue of lake water.  A president and a mill owner were auctioned at surrounding of the lake, and the lake was getting polluted. But Atharva was supporting his neighbor village, he takes steps towards the villages, but everything will gets flop. The Mill owner’s daughter is Anandhi, her love with Atharva was smelled by her father. So the mill owner (Lal) planned to kill Atharva in the riot. Check out the movie the hero has perished from his dilemma condition to safeguard his neighborhood village.

The “Chandi Veeran” title is being confused, which been less stuff with the action. Even in the metro city love subject movie too, not used with video calls for expressing their love.  The “Chandi Veeran” is a trendy movie and the village people speaks fluent in the international words, it shows a great change in the villages. A final touch is villain behave like a childish.

Lyric composed of the water based song is heart touching to the audience, and the people in the film compare the water issue with the  state issue (Kaveri water) an extra dialogue. Heroin is more gorgeous in this movie, compare with her Kayal character. The president (Ravichandran)  realizes the importance of the water, in his last stage of life, it’s a change gives in his character, it’s an excellent twirl in his role.


Slow in the script and steady in the concept.

Hero * Atharva
Heroine * Anandhi
Heroine father * Lal
Hero mother * Rajasri
Hero friend * Illamparuthi
President * Ravichandran


Director * A. Sarkunam
Producer * Director Bala – B Studios
Cinematography * P. G. Muthaiya
Music * S. N. Arunakiri
BGM Score * Sabesh Murali
Editing * Rajamuhamed
Art * Mohan
Lyrics * Mohanraj, Manimuthavan
Dance * Bobby
Stunt * Rajasekar
PRO * Nikkil
Release from Sri Green Production


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