Charlie Chaplin 2 Movie Review

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Need more forbearance, the flick contains lots of erstwhile funninesses, something widely overleaping in the quality.

Synopsis: The pair of Sakthi Chidambaram and Prabhu Deva attempted one more film, More than, one and half decade later in the same title the story was believed on a single loophole, Thiru was misconceiving by a video about Sara, which was uploaded to a website and the story travelled with the derisory hilarious in the each frame. Unfortunately, the film is not more influence compared with the first version.

The director Sakthi had been safeguarded the viewers without overlapping the sequels, which in the first half Thiru has fallen in love with Sara and getting misapprehension and in the second half that he was applying all the tactics to solve out the problem of what he did.

Story: Mirchi Shiva, who ushered about the eccentrics, the guy Thriu, who runs a matrimonial agency with his friends and successful completes 99 marriages, Thriu’s father and mother both were friendly towards him and their wish was that he wanted to get married soon.

In the place of Kumbakonam, Sara’s kindness and helping tendency was attracted and at first sight Thiru was getting affair with Sara. Even, he was by mistakenly understood that Sara is going to lose her life within 15 days. Then Sara realises the confusion and accepting Thiru’s love.

Both the families are fixing the marriage in the place of Thirupathi. In this circumstance, Thiru’s friend who is in Dubai come to Chennai to attend the marriage. Now the funny guy and one more character Saara Psychological student both making a twist in Thiru’s life.

After watching the awry video of Sara, Thiru decided to send a video message with the abused words, with shortly realizes his mistake and planning to delete the video message now how Thiru will balance the critical situation, will he marry Sara or not is the rest of the screenplay.

Prabhu Deva as usual glorious in his dance performance, Nikki Galrani charming can observe throughout the film. The senior actor Prabhu has proven the best in his frames.

Unendurable sequels which were stuffed throughout the film, which cause botheration. The girl Saara (Adah Sharma), dialogues is not matched with the lip movement. The songs are the big strength to the film.

Verdict: completely exhausted.

Rating: 1.5 / 5


Prabhu Deva * Thiru

Nikki Galrani * Sara

Prabhu Ganesan * B Ramakrishnan

Adah Sharma * Saara

Chandhana Raj

Samir Kochhar

Amit Bhargav


Aravind Akash * Akash

Vivek Prasanna * Dubai Raja


Dev Gill

Ravi Mariya * Bullet Pushparaj


Directed by * Sakthi Chidambaram

Produced by * T. Siva

Written by * Sakthi Chidambaram

Music by * Amresh Ganesh

Cinematography * Soundararajan

Production Company * Amma Creations

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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