Chennai 2 Singapore Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * swooning and humorous drama with a happy ending.

Synopsis: Chennai 2 Singapore is a complete intent for the merriment, the director Abbas Akbar focuses on a young director’s dream, which stretches to Singapore, baseless director who fears about his future and the scenes tracks towards a blood cancer patient and how the life had to make it in a beneficial way. The film balanced with merging artists of Gokul Anand, Rajesh Balachandiran, Anju Kurian, Shiv Keshav and Emcee Jesz is all frames the script into a provoking laughter in every sequel. The music had been composed by Ghibran, who have smasher the songs in his vogue.

Story: A filmmaker’s dream which was continuing to go for a fuss and that take the trouble to do something. Harish (Gokul Anand), makes his life on the whole as a film maker, his mother who expected to earn to lead a basic life and Harish always trust his producer, but as his mother says that producer show his real face and he go for someone, what she says was happening and this made worried about his future and the producer go for another director. Harish felt about his unlucky and by his friend’s guidance, he travels to Singapore to persuade a producer.

Unfortunately, the young man’s doom follows him, the producer who met with an accident and go to coma stage and the guy even losses the passport in the place of Singapore. 

In this tough luck, Harish gets the help of Vaanambaadi, a Singaporean camera man that he works for a Singapore local channel, Harish follows the fate, but the camera man Vaanambadi makes to realize about Harish’s dream, later on he meets a girl in a place of Singapore. Both were feeling for some other reason, they were separated each other, once Harish seen the girl Roshini and started to realize why he came to Singapore

Vaanambadi who takes Harish to a rich man Michael Chris Muruganantham (Shiv Kesav) and  Vaanambadi forces Harish to write a love story within two weeks, now Harish mets a cancer patient Roshini (Anju Kurian) and decides to follow her to know more about her and he believes that he had got a script and he will get success in his life. With all comical struggle in Singapore, Harish is returning to Chennai as a director.

The guy Gokul Anand bumps on different angles as an artist, in the songs as a hero, in the serious frames come as a director’s expression. The heroine not much attractive on screen, the only hold is Rajesh Balachandiran’s philosophical touches getting claps in the theatre.

Verdict: Irksome


Gokul Anand

Rajesh Balachandiran

Anju Kurian

Shiv Keshav

Emcee Jesz


Directed by * Abbas Akbar

Music by * Ghibran

Cinematography * Karthick Nallamuthu

Edited by * Praveen K. L.

Production company * Comic book Films India Private Ltd

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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