Chennai Palani Mars Movie Review

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The contemporaries destination made a distinctive journey towards Mars.

Actor Vijay Sethupathi’s contributions imparted in the film “Chennai Palani Mars”. The story about persistence of something to achieve. An intellectual man who tries to achieve his destination. An aggressive guy Aakash’s father who is a scientist that his goal is to reach Mars. Initially, the young scientist (Aakash’s father) experiment to reach the Mars by his thoughts on wavelength.

Manifestly, the society treats them in the foolish manner as their behaviors were peculiar. Both father and son reach towards a top of the hill area, Aakash’s father does a markedly different from the usual thing in his hand and he was looking at the sky. Unfortunately, Aakash’s father doesn’t reach the destination after twenty years later Aakash tries the same experiment to fulfill his father’s dream. Aakash and his friend decided to move Palani that Aakash father’s dream to become true.

The writers dictated to make the concept in a concerning manner. The film boost to comical sequences while narrating. The director gives a positive impression on Aakash eccentric that he wanted to fulfil his father’s aspiration, which the guy had been getting success or not is the balance script.

The title made curious that hero might travel towards Mars. Certainly, human being thought never disappoint, which the director clear cuts at the end of the film. A distinctive storytelling made an energetic travelling, an IT guy who always plan to go for the suicide attempts is the one more additional strength of the film. Parallel, the cops risible sequences lengths the narration.

The cinematography of this film quite okay!!!. Really, if audience sit and watch the film surely thinks of positive approach of the guy’s feeling that he worried about his father’s dream. Normally, people would have heard for achieving a goal need to work hard. Sure, the team had taken in the positive sides for every struggle needs the patience, our thoughts had such positive vibration was shaping up in the film.

Verdict: “Chennai Palani Mars” – interesting travel.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Aakash * Praveen Raja

Andava Perumal * Rajesh Giriprasad

Thiruppa * Vasant Marimuthu

Velu * A. Ravikumar

Madhan Kumar Dhakshinamoorthy

Pari Elavazhagan

R. Krishnamoorthy

Imthiyas Mohammed

Vin Haadri


Directed by * Biju Viswanath

Writers * Vijay Sethupathi * Biju Viswanath

Music * Niranjan Babu

PRO * A. John

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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