Chénnai Woke Up for a Make Up Chat with Fashion Gurus!”

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A Make-Up Forum Discussion and Seminar attracted hundreds of participants which were held at The Park Hotel, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

The Make-Up forum on the title “Make-Up Wake up” was launched under the umbrella of AoA- Academy of Artistry as one of its very first initiative in the city followed by a scintillating seminar on “The Art of Make Up” at The Park Hotel, Chennai. The event commenced with the panel discussion and the panelists included the likes of fashion gurus and key people from the industry such as Mr. Blessing A Manikandan, CEO of Toni&Guy , Ms. Sakshi Agarwal, an actress , Mr. Karun Raman, a Fashion Choreographer, Mr.L, P.Ramachandran, Playboy Photographer, Mr.John & Mr.Ananth who are Fashion Designers and Model & VJ Ms.Santana. Speaking of AoA- Academy of Artistry and its refreshing vision, Mr. Jigeinth , Co- Founder & CEO of Academy of Artistry, said, “ AOA was founded on the vision to bring, national & international talents in an aim to train the aspiring/upcoming artists and equip them and give them the space to develop their finesse in their chosen field which is open to all artistic fields”.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Blessing A Manikandan, CEO of Toni and Guy said, “It is a great initiative and I appreciate the founders for coming up with such a nice concept and bringing all the fashion gurus and industry people together to discuss on fashion and make up”. Knowing the key stance make-up takes in the world of fashion, Fashion Choreographer, Mr.Karun Raman, said, “Make up plays an important role in Fashion and people like us are dependent on the professional artists and we hope AoA will create and train such artists and take India to International standards”. Ms. Sakshi Agarwal gave an actresses point of view and said, “Make up is part of my life and career and the make-up artist is part of our family. Glad we have AOA to train our Make-Up Artists and make us more confident”. “When we launch our new collections, we depend on the models to showcase the collections well and in return they are made beautiful by the make Up artist who has the skill and exposure to the fashion” says Anand & John, Fashion Designers. ” A portfolio shoot or a commercial one, make up makes it or breaks it. Photographers like us work hand in hand with professional make-up artist to bring out the best campaigns” said, Mr.L.Ramachandran, International Photographer.

A live discussion that saw an enthusiastic participation from the audience was seen packed with various upcoming make-up artists, people who follow fashion and trends and the page 3 people at large. The forum was drawn to a close with one looming question that spun everyone’s mind at the event which was, “What needs to be done in order to make local artists an expert in their crafts and how does the lack thereof affect the respective industry?” This gave rise to one solid answer which was to train the local artists by giving them exposure and coaching them to master their skills on par with the international standards.

Followed by the thought provoking forum was a high-tea after which the “The Art of Make Up” seminar was conducted by the International Make Up artist, Founder & Director of Artist Space Professionals, Ms.Vanita Krinshnamurthy, Malaysia. Her mesmerizing seminar on make-up was different than the norm. It covered a range of topics, such as, A class 101 on make-up where she spoke of the many how’s of artistically stroking make up on different skin colors, a finesse and fad alien to the city, a career in make-up and its perks and finally a demonstration of three live bold looks with models, Ms.Cheruba Nelson, Ms. Agnes Joseph and Mr. Vishal sundhar to emphasize the perfect skin for the canvas and how to create a retro look- a look of a period and incorporate it to the current trend on a colored woman and ending it with an interesting character make-up session. Speaking about the seminar and her passion, Ms.Vanita said, “To me make-up is an art, a skill that needs to be mastered. Mastering that skill can happen only when you train under another master because that determines how your skills get shaped. My aim is to coach and train make-up artists and stylists to better their skills and make their skills on par with the international standards in the industry which will really help them build a brand name for themselves through the A grade skills they exhibit. A mastery in make-up skills in respect to skin color in my view is the need of the hour as well. This is a start, there is more to engage, to explore your talents and let us help you evolve.”

Talking of colorism in India and abroad alike and commenting on the vision to bring in make-up classes for all skin shades, Ms.Kavitha Emmanuel, Founder and Director of Women of Worth, said, “People should celebrate their own self. Being the very own you is very important than being a fake. We promote “Dark is Beautiful” and now the world has started recognising all shades. A professional make-up artist can enhance the beauty of a dark shade skin tone by highlighting their features”.

The curtains were drawn to a close with an energizing song performance rendered by Agnes Joseph to the snaps and taps of the song, “Who’s the Hero” from the movie Manmadhan Anbu.

This fashion forum and seminar with a purpose was definitely first of its kind in the city; an awakening and a call to answer for the creative minds in the globe of fashion. AoA will be organising seminars, workshops and diploma courses in coming weeks in make up and other artistic titles. For more details contact – Jigeinth +91 87549 68682 or visit


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