Chennais Amirta International Institute of Hotel Management Chennai

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1N0A8911Chennai, July.27,2015 : Chennais Amirta International Institute of Hotel Management is a successful hotel management institute in the name of CHENNAIS AMIRTA at various locations in Chennais including T Nagar , Tambaram, Nandanam, Perambur and OMR offering wide range of hotel management courses affiliated to different universities in India and abroad including Bharathidasan University,Bharathiyar University Bharat SevekSamaj Department Of Employment and Training Government of Tamil Nadu in India and Institute of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia Taylors University College, Malaysia, London School of Business and Finance Shieffield Academy, Malaysia (Sheffield College Australia), Malayasian Hospitality College. The institute currently holds about Three thousand and Five Hundred (3500) of students and has already placed more than Two Thousand Students (2000) students in leading restaurants in India and abroad including many prominent restaurants / hotels / like ITC Grand Chola Taj Connemara Rain Tree etc.

On 7th February 2015 one of its students of Old Mahabalipuram Road OMR Branch, Mr. KarthickPrabhu, allegedly committed suicide at a private hostel in Chennai unrelated to and outside the Institute’s premises. The incident is currently being investigated by the investigating officers for which, the institute has been cooperating and shall continue to cooperate with the investigation of this untoward incident.Upon Late Mr. Prabhu’s father Mr. Kannan’srequest for refund of the fees paid to foreclose the loans he had allegedly taken for his son’s education,on humanitarian grounds the institute issued a cheque for INR Sixty Five Thousand Only (65000/-) as not only refund of the fees paid but for the expenses incurred in performing last rites as well.

Despite these positive steps taken by the Institute, Velicham TV created two videos featuring Mr. Kannan who is father of later Mr. Prabhu and another individual Mr. Ramakrishanan claiming to be part of an organization called International Organization for Human Rights.Thetitles of the videos would deceive the public to believe that the incident occurred in Institute’s institute.These videos were uploaded in the month of May 2015 at its website and also on social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube&Whatsapp. The said videos were created with the sole intention of maligning the reputation of the institute and has been watched by several thousands of viewers across the globe and many unknown persons have shared these videos on their social media pages, mobiles (through watsappetc) etc. which has tarnished the reputation of the Institute.

The manner in which the background of the both the impugned videos carrying the Institute’s brand name, logos trade name along with photos and audio dialogues on the incident in a private hostel unconnected with the Institute with a misleading caption carried a wrong impression as though the Institute are in some manner related to or responsible for the alleged incident, which is still currently still under investigations and inquiry by relevant authorities including before the Madras Hon’ble High court. The whole setting in which the said videos has been visualized and portrayed has clearly maligned the Institute. Many other unknown persons have shared these videos and created further posters, Facebook pages like ‘Troll Chennais Amirta’ based on these impugned videos and resulting in further loss of reputation of the institute.

On Friday the 24th of July 2015 the Hon’ble Madras High Court, was pleased pass an order in favour of the institute restraining Velicham TV, its owner officers, Mr. Kannan, Mr. Ramakrishnan and any third party from communicating or making available or publishing or disseminating or distributing, or duplicating, or sharing or displaying, or releasing, or showing, or uploading, or downloading, or exhibiting, or playing, and/or defraying the impugned videosor any version or parts of the Video and / or Audio of the interview given by Defendant Nos. 3 and /or Defendant No. 4 especially with the background images of the Institute’s brands, logos and trade name CHENNAIS AMIRTA or parts thereof and Institute’s brand ambassadors in any manner through different mediums like CD, DVD, Blue-ray disc, VCD, Cable TV, DTH, Internet services, MMS, Tapes, Conditional Access System or in any other like manner including social media websites and mobile applications on any communication devices.

The maligning videos if not removed or if further shared on any social media websites or mobile applications would amount to a violation of the order passed by the Hon’ble Court order and may attract penal action.

Last month the institute was also successful in restraining its ex partners Hon’ble madras high court passed an order stopping Ms. Manimegalai, Mr. suresh, Mr. Satish kumar and M/s Amrita institute of international hotel management, Coimbatore from misusing the name CHENNAIS AMIRTA as their domain names..


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