Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 Movie Review

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Genre: Thriller * is the baseline and crime gear up, which made the viewers to alluring what will happen to the next sequel.

Synopsis: The film “Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2” written by Rajesh Kumar and directed by JPR, the movie speck about an IPS officer Sarathkumar who is shifting his job from Chennai to Coimbatore. All of a sudden he gets the bewildering case and once started to investigate that whodunit hits the audience what would happen and made it thrilled experience.

Story: In the opening, slogan words posted on every Chennai city street wall that was the When will Angel die? Today or tomorrow?’ by a lady’s quizzical image. Obviously this made curiosity for the viewers that film tracks towards an investigation. The cops gathered and questions about the slogan and every one keeps different answers related to the puzzled slogan. The police commissioner Napolean handovers the cast to Sarathkumar, and in a mysterious accident Sarathkumar sister’s family passed away, after the death sister’s 3 children were taken care by Sarathkumar, on niece engagement function gets over a courier receives Sarathkumar’s house and create confusion and screw up the investigation. Finally, curiosity burst out with simple flashback and revenge was made bare.

The actor Sarathkumar outlook is a plus up as a policeman and the film related about one day investigation in the Chennai city, Napolean and Suhasini are firm the film.

Verdict: Throbbed story


R. Sarathkumar






Anjana Pream


Suhasini Maniratnam



P.K. Ram Mohan

Jakes Bejoy

Gopi Krishna

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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