Chocobar Movie Review

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chocobarGenre: Horror * heart beats in every taking over of the scenes.

Synopsis: “Chocobar” film is based on a realistic happened situation in a bungalow, place of Andra Pradesh. The viewers’ only chance to keep their eye contact on a bungalow, nothing is more to get excited, the film stretches within the house made sense to drowsiness, the movie ends up with the girl and her lover was experienced with the spirits.

Story: An outrageous bungalow a young college girl stays alone with her boyfriend, where couple feels in the house, the wall hangs by the negative frames gives tremor to the couple, in the hall Vishal notices a peculiar idol and the heroine explicates the belief of previous house owner, but the guy not interested in the superstitious belief he kick the idol, Vishal moves to the hostel and engaged with his friend’s family from the unavoidable circumstances, most of the time, the young girl experience a witch follows her, the servant comport in a peculiar way and a plumber behavior make her to kill, but when she explains to her lover, both was moved to the implicated place, the plumber disappeared, all these made her confused, being a medical students Vishal is decided to concern with the psychiatric and she endure with Vishal words. On a stage, even Vishal experience a witch vox, servant chases him and the plumber hit him. At last, the heroine kills her lover and explain that she was controlled by the negative spirits. The sound effects continue till the end of the movie make the audience to throb.

Verdict: won over by BGM



Tejaswi Madivada

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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