’s Innovative Strategy & Rollout Plan

Spread the love is India’s First and Most Innovative Temperature Controlled Online Store. Launched in Chennai, this is all set to play a key role in changing the dynamics of ecommerce portals in the Food Segment.

With the rapid explosion of internet penetration, especially via smartphones and hand held devices, e-retailing in India is at an exciting juncture. With more and more households opening up to the concept of online shopping, Coldkart plans to capitalise on this by creating a unique experience.

Coldkart.com1What makes Coldkart a gamechanger?

Coldkart offers a wide variety of Fresh, Chilled,& Frozen food products, Local, Domestic and Importedsourced from across the globe. Whether it’s the Indian favourite Amul Butter, CreamCheese or Foie Gras, you can find daily needs and exotic gourmet products here. These have been categorised into three key categories Veg, Non Veg and Dairy. These are delivered at the right temperature.

Coldkart.com2Coldkart fills a market gap where there are a large number of manufacturers with frozen and chilled products which do not find storage space in supermarkets. Coldkart is a platform for these brands to showcase their large bouquet of products.

Supermarkets face temperature drawbacks and this temperature control is a specialist area that requires expertise and Colkart excels in this. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian products are carefully segregated and delivered too.
The infrastructure consists of a seamless cold supply chain which includes temperature controlled warehouses that are constantly monitored and maintained to world class standards. Deliveries are through a temperature controlled fleet ensuring delivery at the right temperature.

Coldkart.com4This comes from the Tan Group who has had 15 solid years in the Coldwarehousing & Logistics industry. They are known in the food distribution business and have successfully handled retail cold chain concepts.

Coldkart has been launched in Chennai and the roll-out will soon begin across South India, in key cities Hyderabad, Bangalore and Cochin. The South partners have been finalised but plans are on to move ahead pan India by year end. This will be a franchisee model with partners who have the requisite expertise. Training and knowledge transfer will be provided to the franchisees.


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