Comali Movie Review

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A man overlooked the systematic life, in order to compare about erstwhile life with present scenarios. “Comali” – tapping on humanness feeling.

The title may be hilarious, the debuted director Pradeep Ranganathan proves to express mankind only comes out in a hard situation, it should hold up among everyone at anytime. “Comali” starts with 1999’s youngsters make their love proposals with the loved ones. In the parallel, a couple of ruffians Dharmaraj and Ponnamabalam dispute made Ravi’s life into misfortune.

A school going Ravi falls in love with his classmate Nikitha Krishnamurthy, the young guy decided to propose towards Nikitha by giving his ancestral treasure idol. Unfortunately Ravi is being collapsed with an accident when the local rowdies were fighting and Ravi was getting gave way to coma stage.

Shortly, on the screen Ravi was projected to recover from the coma stage, which he came to know that he was missed the sixteen years of life. After his retrieval, Ravi wonders about present situations of lifestyle, which technology influenced humans being. The people addicted with the smart phones and engaging themselves in the social media, which they forgets about the human values.

Simple, 1999 man who comes back after the coma, preaches the humankind to the audience by stuffing the incident of Chennai flood. As in the commercial part, Ravi grabs his valuable idol from Dharmaraj who is past rowdy presently he is an MLA.

The director Pradeep Ranganathan exertion towards the distinct personality of an individual deference on the others wonderments. As usual, “Jayam” Ravi’s films hold to explicitly of current scenarios. Yogi Babu graces his acting by hilarious format and even to take up little forwarded as a family man. Hip Hop Tamizha BGM played a vital role in the climax sequels

Verdict: humanity Vs technology

Rating: 3/5


Jayam Ravi * Ravi

Kajal Aggarwal * Ritika Mohan

Samyuktha Hegde * Nikitha Krishnamurthy

K. S. Ravikumar * MLA Dharmaraj

Yogi Babu * Mani


Directed by * Pradeep Ranganathan

Produced by * Ishari K. Ganesh

Written by * Pradeep Ranganathan

Music by * Hiphop Tamizha

Cinematography * Richard M. Nathan

Edited by * Pradeep E. Ragav

Production Company * Vels Films International

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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