Consulate General of South India in Chennai issued 1200 education visas in 2019 students!

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“In the field of education, there has been an increase in students opting to study in Russia. The students increased by an impressive around 30% wherein, over 1200 Indians opted to study in Russia for their higher studies” said Mr. O. Avdeev, Consul-General, The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Chennai.

In a press conference held today (27th Dec) at Chennai, he said, “the bilateral summit held in the Russian city of Vladivostok between the Russian President Mr. V.V. Putin and Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi taking several initiatives for further progress of bilateral relations, was a great success. The meeting was primarily focused on cooperation in defense, nuclear energy and outer space.

The signing of a MoU on developing a maritime communication between Vladivostok and Chennai is important as a very substantial portion of Russian hydrocarbon exports – oil, petroleum and coal – is sent to India from the Far Eastern region of Russia. It is still in a concept stage and will take a more concrete shape in the coming time.

With Indian partners owning a 20% in Sakhalin-1 oil project, Indian companies were invited to join other projects such as Far Eastern LNG and Arctic LNG-2.

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant:

On Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, the first two units already operational, and another two are under construction. A further two units is yet to start construction with the long-term target to construct within 12 power units in the next 20 years Russian design on schedule.

Space and New Frontiers:

Regarding Space exploration, the excellent cooperation between the Russian Space Corporation “Roscosmos” and the Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO), including the human space flight programs and satellite navigation was discussed and explored in the summit. Russia has committed to sharing its experience in training of future Indian spacemen for a faster adaptation to overstress and weightlessness, which is a prerequisite for a success of the first manned space mission of India.

With space as the new frontier, under the banner of the Indo-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a group of 56 students from Velammal Nexus and other schools of Chennai went on a familiarization trip to Russia and visited major space museums in three Russian cities as well as the Training Centre for space missions. Following the trip, seven of the students decided to join the ranks of Indian cosmonauts.


Tourism playing a huge role in the economy, tourists from South India to Russia increased and vice versa for recreational purposes and spiritual tourism. Recently, a group of 8 traveled from Coimbatore to Russia to spread the message of cervical cancer. The 21,700 kilometers drive took nearly 52 days across China, passing through Vladivostok, the easternmost city of Russia to finish their trip in the city of Saint-Petersburg in the west.


In the sphere of education as well there have been positive trends. The number of Indians going to Russia for higher studies has increased by around 30% and exceeded 1200. The students of the Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute in Chennai on a regular basis go for training programs at the leading Russian Universities – the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic and the Southern Ural University.

Overall, it has been an exciting 2019 with the year 2020 holding a lot of promise,” he ended.

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