Dagaalty Movie Review

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Over exaggerated – Santhanam’s usual comedy format.

Santhanam is trying to get hero impression, he has been upgraded from the comedian to hero only in the outlook, fitness and body language, by choosing in the scripts he has been getting jerked, Santhanam’s most of the movies getting success only because of his comedies, compared to his previous movies, “Dagaalty” was lacking in the comedy.

The dual potency Santhanam and a fortune comedian Yogi Babu join together in the film “Dagaalty”, Santhanam (Guru) and his friend Yogi Babu lives in Mumbai, Santhanam belong to a gang and Radha Ravi is the gang leader. Unfortunately, Guru making an error while doing the illicit activity.

Now the furious leader decided to kill Guru, by understanding the situation of Radha Ravi (he was searching for a girl), Guru promise that he will identify the girl by saying these words Guru was escaping from the gang leader, who is about to kill him.

For searching the lady Guru movie towards Tamilnadu and identify the right woman and by observing her interest, which was making the films, Guru keeps a knot to the girl and trying to take her Mumbai. In this scenario, the girl Malli moves to Mumbai along with the man Guru. While their journey both of them falls in love with each other. At a point, Guru was understanding who is chasing Malli and why the reason all were searching for the girl Malli. The lovers will escape from the gangster is the balance screenplay.

The actor Santhanam slows changing in his outlook to show him as a mass hero other than usual comedy sequels, romantic songs and stuffed with the stunt, Yogi Babu and Santhanam flashback incorporated in the film, Vijay Narain’s BGM works out well and the songs are okay and Suresh’s editing made a clumsy feels while watching out the film.

Verdict – Too much Dagaalty.

Rating. 2.5 / 5



Rittika Sen

Yogi Babu

Radha Ravi

Santhana Bharathi


Namo Narayana



Directed by Vijay Anand

Written by * Vijay Anand

Story by * Vijay Anand

Music by * Vijay Narain

Cinematography * Deepak Kumar Pathy

Edited by * T. S. Suresh

Production Company * Handmade Films
18 Reels

PRO * Glamour Sathya

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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