Demonte Colony Movie Review

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Demonte-Colony_BGenre: Horror * not engaged in an old general formula, make the audiences to hold their seats.

Script * an astonished screenplay, which is utterly attention-grabbing the viewers start of the movie, and by no means search out uninterested till the end.

Title * an interesting place “Demonte” which located in the Chennai-city

Outline: The debut director Ajay Gnanamuthu starts his film with a paranormal, murder mystery film, which makes the audience of anxious in a bizarre way. The movie doesn’t give facial expression to the viewers by an old method of ghosts’ entries like more background effects, ugly ghost faces. And finally the hero escapes from ghosts are disappearing in this movie. A trendy supernatural thriller movie is presented by the director.

Story: Opening with a gang of four youngsters working in a different field, and they are struggling for their career to settle down. In a dreary circumstance, guys want to make their night into an excitement. They are planning to move Alwarpet Demonte Colony, which is located in Chennai. In that gang, Shanath is a panic guy and three of them abscond all alone in the bungalow and the Shanath (Chappa) get misery.

At a point, in their unbalanced life, they are planning to check their future life with an Agathiya thumb print specialist. M. S. Baskar plays an extraordinary performance in his short span. Here is the excitement to the viewers Josiyar (M. S. Baskar) hanging himself without any reason. The next night guys are planning to watch thrilled movie, but unexpected sequences are followed, that they were come to know Chappa past his life before a day.

The director has given a different dimension for the background story about the secrets of Demonte Colony’s bungalow. A 19th centaury historical pulverizes and twist is related to the bungalow continuous murders. Each and every sequence moves with thrilling effects, without getting bored to the audience. Check out the horror movie on the big screen with full of heartbeats, and make up your weekend by watching with the supernatural thriller movie.

Verdict: A great treat for the audience with horror based thriller movie.

Direction * Ajay Gnanamuthu
Production * Mohana Movies Sri Thenandal films
Story * Ajay Gnanamuthu
Music * Keba Jeremiah
Background score * Keba Jerehiah
Editing * Bhuvan Srinivasan
Screenplay * Ajay Gnanamuthu
Cinematography * Aravinnd Singh

Arulnithi, Rameshthilak, Shanath, Abishek Joseph, Helen, Singampuli.


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