Dharala Prabhu Movie Review

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Dharala Prabhu – evincing the stressful life, trying to convince the audiences.

Bollywood film “Vicky Donor” has been remade with the title of “Dharala Prabhu”. Anyway, initially Hindi films updated with their culture and in the modern life. Later on the South film industry updates. Now in the present scenarios humanity suffering with lots of issues. With the strategical, the directors opting social issues, farmers related issues, political issues, women based issues and mafia related stories were visualizing towards the audience.

Upcoming generation leading out with mechanical life and they were facing problems by giving birth to a baby. In the society much fertility centers advertising the voguish way to give birth. The director Krishna Marimuthu had chosen a 2012 released Bollywood concept.

A guy Prabhu who is an energetic, even sport man, never uses alcohol frequently, which he becomes as a donor. This helping nature creates trouble in his personal life and how he solves the situations is the baseline.

A money minded and slightly service Motto Vivek Kannadaasan take a project, which he assures the couples and compromise them about sperm donating. All the clients started to accept about the concept, Kannadaasan takes out all the steps towards in the finding of a healthy sperm donor for his rich clients, Kannadaasan noticing the lifestyle of Prabhu and approaching him.

Initially, Prabhu disappointed with the concept, later he agreed, once he impressed with a divorcee lady Nidhi Mandanna Tanya Hope and he decided to quit out donating the sperm to lead a happy life with her. After his marriage Prabhu’s life getting collapsed and how Kannadaasan giving solution for the problem.

Vivekh is leading the film with his own style, Harish Kalyan as usual comes as a romantic hero, Tanya Hope nothing impressed performances and too much make up, cinematography of Selvakumar’s adequate to the film.

Verdict: Bollywood narration – modified according to the Kollywood audience.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Harish Kalyan * Prabhu Govind

Tanya Hope * Yami Gautham

Vivek as Kannadaasan

Anupama * Prabhu’s Mother

Sachu * Prabhu’s Grand Mother

R. S. Shivaji as Doctor’s assistant Kaamu

Madhuvanti Arun * Prema

Namo Narayana

Siddharth Venkataraman

Nanditha Sreekumar

Baby Nikitha


Directed by * Krishna Marimuthu

Production Company * Screen Scene Media Entertainment

PRO * Nikil Murukan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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