Dhayam Movie Review

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Dhayam-posterGenre: Quiver * goes around in a single area, made the viewers to tempo in the every sequence.

Synopsis: “Dhayam” Dice is the flick, a man had different characters in the subconscious and it overlaps his normal life, the film was written and directed by Kannan Rangaswamy, the drama was projected in a single room with the artists of Santhosh Prathap, Jayakumar and Aira Agarval. The concept of the drama is eight candidates who had gathered for an interview in a single room and what happened at the end, stuffed with thrilled.

Story: Opening gives us a thrill experience by the murder of a candidate who attends in a MNC, next to these, four gents candidates and three female candidates are called up to attend an interview for the post of CEO, the eight candidates are getting the awareness of the tragedy happened in the MNC by the interviewer, a CEO who was hanged up in the same interview room and that soul was not allowing anybody to take charge as a CEO, and the interviewer says that, by the time of 3 p.m. the interview room will be shut down and at the time of 4 p.m. the door will be opened and who is alive in the room will be a CEO. Check out the film, for the one hour what would be happens in the room among eight people!!!

Director Kannan Rangaswamy has experimented with new concept for the Tamil audiences. Certainly, many twists and unpredictable can feel off in the film.
The film had fresh artists with Santhosh Pratap, Jayakumar, Jiiva Ravi and ‘Kadhal’ Kannan. The lady artists Aira Agarwal, Anmol Sandhu and Sahana given their best by the expressions.

Verdict: Game in a single room.


Santhosh Prathap


Jeeva Ravi

Aira Agarval

Kadhal Kannan

Aanchal Singh

Anmol Sandhu (Samaira Sandhu)

Shyam Krishnan

Ajay Raj


Directed * Kannan Rangaswamy

Produced * A. R. S. Sunset

Written * Kannan Rangaswamy

Music * Sathish Selvam

Cinematography * A. Packiaraj

Edited * R. Sudharsan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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