Dhilluku Dhuddu Movie Review

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dillukku-dhuttuHorror * merged with comedies, motto of the film is to entertaining the audience.

Synopsis: Santhanam attempted with a horror concept instead of applying full fledged of comedies, “Dhilluku Dhuddu” sure drollery hasn’t missed out. As a hero of Santhanam’s outlook enhances compared to his previous two movies. The first half of the movie filled with romance, and the ghost portions are violent and gratis disturbance.

Story: “Dhilluku Dhuddu” was directed by an unveiling director Rambala, but eventually he is none other than the famed television show director. Inside a bungalow the situations are stuck Santhanam and his fiancee faces the hassles. In the place of Sivankonda Malai a woman and her son were murdered by a Tibetan king, here holy man is being controlling the ghost, and lots of upside down and twist occurs till the end of the film. Computer graphics portions are splendid. The comedians Karunas, Rajendran and other artists done their portions in an excellent way. The background effects, which makes direful to the sequences. Santhanam perpetually attracts his audience by counter joke is always strengthened in his movies. The heroine portions covered by new artist Shanaya, the viewers expect only a seductive looking woman, other than performances is weak.

Verdict: Logic less fun more.


Santhanam * Kumar








T. M. Karthik

Lollu Sabha Manohar


Directed * Rambala

Produced * N. Ramasamy

Music * S. Thaman

Cinematography * Deepak Kumar Pathy

Edited * Gopi Krishna

Production company * Sri Thenandal Films

Distributed * Sri Thenandal Films

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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