Diya Movie Review

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Genre: Thrilled drama *  feeling intensely gratified exhilarated, horrific sustained in sensitivity.

Synopsis: The flick “Diya” plot line is based on, an abortion was forced for a mother by her relative members and here is a revenge is started by aborted tyke. Thence the story makes the audience in an interesting way. The actresses Sai Pallavi is familiar to the viewers and her first appearance in the Kollywood film is the “Diya”.

Initially the content moves with an energetic girl and handsome guy both fell in love and in the second half drags the audiences. The child artist Veronika Arora in the lead role and Naga Shourya supported towards the content, Sam C S has been composed for the meekest vindictive play. The screenplay portrayed for the strong feeling and the director might be attracted with the current trend  of horrific both was fused and something overleaped in the coherency. 

Story: The director’s intention to convince the entertainment movie with the message and the title was changed into “Diya” before titled as “Karu”. Once the film ends up, many popular personalities names had been projected, but it is still bewildered.  The heroine was getting aborted due to her critical circumstance!.

The tale opens up with Sai Pallavi whose named as Tulasi and Krishna (Naga Shourya), both were in the hospital corridor and even the hospital named with HOPE. The couple was getting shocked by the information given by the doctor that Tulasi was pregnant, both were in dilemma situation. They weren’t completed their studies and Tulasi’s goal to become as a doctor and Krishna’s connotation to attain in a good position.

They were still in the college and not in the position of giving birth to a baby or to hold up the Karu, both side parents are planning to abort the Karu. All were agreed and even Krishna decided to abort, except the motherhood harmonized with the forcing of others. The screenplay end up with that an unborn baby revenges the people who told to abort.

The far-famed Malayalam film “Premam” heroine Sai Pallavi played in a matured eccentric, and her position was heavy that she wants to hold up the relationship with the unborn spirit, even to struggle for her Krishna, but the expressions grip in a mere manner. The senior artists are disappeared sooner and they were getting less scope, comparing with child artist Veronika Arora. The actor Santhana Bharathi comes for a few sequence and
Rekha and Nizhalgal Ravi roles were dumped before the intermission, RJ Balaji not comfortable with cop character, he has been projected as a comedian in police get up and in the final he started to investigate about the continues murders, this was not satisfied.

The director Vijay had tired of different horrific content and fearful is lacking and crushing of opposite walls is being recalled, Sam CS graded on Background music. Overall, “Diya” is a sensitive tale about an abortion. The director had approached in different angle.

Verdict: This weekend horror, not much horrendous.


Sai Pallavi * Tulasi

Naga Shourya * Krishna

Veronika Arora * Diya

Gandhari Nithin * Ram

RJ Balaji

Santhana Bharathi


Nizhalgal Ravi

Stunt Silva


Directed by * A. L. Vijay

Produced by * Allirajah Subaskaran

Written by * A. L. Vijay

Music by * Sam CS

Cinematography * Nirav Shah

Edited by * Anthony

Production company * Lyca Productions

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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