Dr. Ram of The Capstone Clinic value based healthcare in world-class infrastructure for Medical & Dental

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The Capstone Clinic was founded in 2018 by a team of established multispeciality medical experts, who wish to change how primary healthcare is delivered through the practice of family medicine. With a key focus on being a patient-centric healthcare provider, tremendous care has gone into creating a world-class infrastructure and curating a superior outpatient, hassle-free clinic experience. The Capstone Clinic is committed to delivering comprehensive and convenient medical and dental solutions to all age groups. True to its name, the services at the clinic are a culmination of decades of medical practice, deep insight into the gaps in current healthcare systems and resolve to deliver a unique proposition that addresses this gap.

Dr V Ramasubramanian, one of the founders at The Capstone Clinic and a specialist in infectious diseases, adolescent and adult vaccinations and travel medicine, believes that patients should be given the importance, care and treatment they deserve. He says, “sometimes just holding your patient’s hand, and going through the basics of checking for signs of fever and cold is essential as it instils trust and confidence in them, and demonstrates that you care as a doctor and will do your best to find a cure for their illness.”

With a goal of ensuring patient satisfaction, The Capstone Clinic puts the focus back on ethical and holistic health practices, which are rare today. Dr Ram believes that every patient who visits The Capstone Clinic will leave it with a feeling of contentment and comfort of having been cared for. This stems from the minimal waiting time that they experience, the detailed explanation that each of the doctors gives them to allay any fears or doubts that they might have apart from a feeling of being in good hands, and the advantage of having access to medical experts who actively collaborate across multiple specialities.

For those in need of a premium family medical set-up that provides value-based healthcare and an extraordinary medical experience, The Capstone Clinic will prove to be the preferred destination.

Visit the website www.thecapstoneclinic.com or call +91(44) 40080300 to know more.


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