Draupathi Movie Review

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Draupadi – lacked in transmitting the concept, the notion of the film uncleared.

The film “Draupathi” directed by Mohan G and the unveiling concept need to be evinced distinctly. Now, in recent scenarios, most of the directors keen to concentrate on the cast discrimination and the other drawback occur in the same communities. The film “Draupadi” following with such an abstract, Rudhra Prabakaran was prisoned in the jail and has been bailed out after a few months later.

The impact of putting him in the jail was that he murdered his family members. After bailing him out Rudhra move towards Chennai. The fellow was staying at his friend’s place, which he decided to kill a couple professional people in an aggressive manner.

The tempestuous Rudhra capture a video and forward towards the cop. Now, the police starting to investigate about the mystified forward video. At a point, the cops concluded that Rudhra would be the culprit, when the cops interrogating the impact of his actions were coming out.

The film “Draupadi” baseline more expressive in the opening. The director made imbalance portions, which would dissemble the screenplay. After a long gap, Richard visualizes in rural man eccentric. The actor Richard’s body language and his aggregate appearance given an adequate performance.

The actress Sheela Rajkumar fixed up appropriately and she makes the characterization lively on the screen. The film “Draupadi” made exhaustive on some areas, Jubin’s background music gives livelihood towards the film, Manoj Narayan’s cinematography congeries the rural scenarios.

Verdict: “Draupadi” updated world!!!

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Directed by * Mohan G

Produced by * Mohan G

Written by * Mohan G

Music by * Jubin

Cinematography * Manoj Narayan

Edited by * Devaraj S

Distributed by * GM Film Corparation

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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