Eetti Movie Review

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eeti posterGenre: The action * play vacillate and extend in the climax, makes a constricted of slender funniness stuffing by the gang member of the hero.

Love life * of the pair scuppered in different angle.

Outline: An assorted dimension was done by Ravi Arasu had recast, the erstwhile version of action movie blend with love script in a trendy formula. The director created a peculiar disease for the hero (Bleeding-Disorder) in the varieties, Adharvaa has the symptomatic bleeding gets swooning and he goes to the extreme level of death when the shedding blood continues, the hero’s childhood doctor advised not to get a slight scratch on his body or wound will lead to put out. The next stuff of the film to extend the film, the hero is an athlete who has been struggling for his father and his master stargaze to fulfill and for the negative portion covered by the concept of fake money.

Story: After the gradual success Chand Veeran to the hero Aadharvaa’s upcoming film is “Eetti” an action film, in a bike chasing scene continues a lengthy flashback. The hero (Pugal) lives in Tanjore district a sport man and the heroine stay in Chennai, wrong call connects the pair, both were attracted each other and their meeting got along a twirl to the story. The villains illicitly business was identified by heroine’s brother (Dinesh) and the hero involved in this issue and wants to achieve his destination. Final pressure on the hero was his disease. Sentinel all was tackled by the hero with his smartness with graceful acting.

The supernumerary minutes in the movie, villain getting drawn into the heroine beauty and he drops his feeling to revenging the Dinesh (the heroine’s brother), the director has given awareness on the fake currency in the society and G.V. Prakash expectations of the audience made substandard.

Aadharvaa has done his portions in a perfect way, and even the viewers’ can observe his hard work on the screen.

Verdict: First half made drowsy, one time watchable movie.


Adharvaa * Pugazh

Sri Divya * Gayathri


Aadukalam Naren

Aadukalam Murugadoss


Ashvin Raja

Azhagam Perumal

R. N. R. Manohar

Nithyashree Venkataramanan


Directed by * Ravi Arasu

Present by* S. Michael Rayappan

Written by * Ravi Arasu

Screenplay * Raviarasu

Dialogue * Raviarasu

Cinematography * Saravanan Abhimanyu

Edited by * Raja Mohammad

Production company * Global Infotainment Pvt. Ltd

Produced by * Seraphin Raya Xavier

Distributed by * Global Infotainment Pvt Ltd

PRO * Riaz K Ahmed


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