Embiran Movie Review

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Dream guided more by ideals than by practical manifestations.

Synopsis: In the Kollywood cinema, films like “Idhayam” was adverted a strong one side love after years later, the director Krishna Pandi steer the film that a female made herself crazy on a fellow, “Embiran” is all about concerning to the deity, which an innocent girl keeps her whole heart on a guy. The film “Embiran” focused on the trio eccentric Priyan, Jeya and Moulee.

A relationship between the grandfather and granddaughter holds strong and adhere after the old man rest his soul, he tried to help his grandchild which she had been injured on Paralysis. The unveiling director Krishna Pandi fetches a couple of new faces for his film, the characteristics Rejith Menon and Radhika Preethi are charmed by their ingenuous execution.

Story: A loyal love never breaks out, the actor Mouli plays in a leading role that he works in a temple as the priest and take care of his grandchild in the palm. The teenage girl Jeya falls in love with Priyan. Without his knowledge Jeya capture the pictures and follows him. At a point, Jeya and the old man met with an accident.

Jeya’s grandfather passed away on the spot and Jeya is admitted in the hospital in a critical situation, the doctor’s diagnosis her conditions that her body leads to Paralysis and her brain was in active condition.

In this scenario, Priyan gets a fuzzy dream frequently which made him to analysis of his dream, Priyan’s dream envisions on a beautiful girl’s image, hospital ward number and mail id, these clues made to approach her in the hospital and the dream comes into true that Priyan involving in the treatment.

The director tried for a distinct concept. Unfortunately, missed out in the screenplay, especially Jeya get scared of fire, which was stuffed voluntarily. Once Jeya was recovered, as an audience curiosity expected that romance sequels would have started Priyan was in front of her.

Rejith Menon comes in doctor eccentric, Jeya makes a plan to meet Priyan that she takes the silly steps which was not an effective way, the upcoming artist Rejith Menon appearance was fascinated, Radhika Preethi dubbing voice childish.

Verdict: grandfather’s soul helps towards grandchild’s true love. But it was an infantile drama.

Rating: 2 / 5


Rejith Menon * Priyan

Radhika Preethi * Jeya

T. S. B. K. Moulee

Kalyani Natrajan



Directed by * Krishna Pandi

Produced by * Panchavarnam

Music by * Prasanna

Cinematography * M. Pugazhenthi

Editing * D. Manoj

Production Company * Panchavarnam films

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One.

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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