En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * a mirthful incident

Synopsis: The title made sarcastic, K. P. Jagan had intended on picking out for a different title with queer concept. The story which strewing based on title, usually in reviews, heroes and heroines and other artists plays a vital role, but in this flick the slippers play a basal role, the unripe guy Tamizh Pakkada Pandi who acted in the hero eccentric, for the hilarious portions to cover Yogi Babu had been prevailed is the only gumption to the movie.

Story: In a bus Sandhya (Anandhi) Was missing her slipper which is being sentimental, reason is Sandhya’s father brought for her and the girl’s innocence begging towards the conductor to stop the bus was seen by the hero Krishnan (Tamizh Pakkada Pandi) Made dive out from the bus and even getting a fracture in his hand (whole movie the hero acted with cracking hand).

Unfortunately the footwear throws away in some other locations, Sandhya leaves the other sandal inside the bus, after that she comes out of the situation and reaches her home and hears the news that Sandhya’s father, who was kidnapped by the terrorist. The family members were getting scared about the situation, Sandhya and her mother go to a sacerdotal house to know her father is still alive or killed by terrorist.

The sacerdotal asks Sandhya, on the day Sandhya’s father kidnapped any symptom was shown and Sandhya explains about that she miss placed the both the slippers. Now the ludicrous faith is tending to her once she see the missed footwear again that her father would be safe from the danger. The hero chase for the sandals and watch out the movie in the theatre Sandhya’s faith comes as true or not is the balance script.

The hero only chasing for the slippers throughout the film, Anandhi’s performance is too childish. Yogi Babu as ‘Remo’ Ravi is the only satisfaction for the movie. The movie extorted with more artists.

Verdict: Absurd


Anandhi * SandhyaTamizh as Krishnan

Yogi Babu * ‘Remo’ Ravi

K. S. Ravikumar * politician

Jayaprakash *Sandhya’s father

Rekha as Sandhya’s mother

Singampuli * Soosai



Directed by * K. P. Jagan

Produced by * S. Sakthivel

Written by * K. P. Jagan

Cinematography * Sukaselvan

Edited by * Manigandan Sivakumar

Production company * Drumsticks Productions

Music by * Ishaan Dev (Songs)
Deepan Chakravarthy(Score)

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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