Enakku Innoru Per Irukku Movie Review

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EIPIGenre: The comedies * peak out and the actions are overspread some were imputable to the script.

Synopsis: A young talented musician G. V. Prakash Kumar tried out a different script in his upcoming film “Enakku Innoru Per Irukku” it’s a mobster story of North Madras, generally normal people who afraid of rowdies and always look to the blood often happens in the place of Royapuram, suddenly contravene with their opposite gangsters, in this environment an ingenuous guy, who fix an affair with a gangster’s Boss(daughter) and he tackle the situations.

Story: Smart and cool hero GV Parkash had a peculiar symptom while will visualize the bleeding, he repeats the same sentence who repeats in front of him. This abnormal situation correlated to the movie, in the place of Royapuram Doss (Saravanan) were controlling the area, as Doss becomes old, he has to hold his position of “Naina” but the villain tempestuous by acquiring the title of “Naina”. A gang was searching of endowed guy who is fit to lead Doss position, a gang was trusted on puckish activities of Johny and exaggerated has an exceptional courageous man in front Doss, Hema was getting married with Johny. The rest of the film how with the phobic disorder hero fetching the title of “Naina” with all forms of bullying stuffed.

The film exposure like action content, but there no solid sequences to capture the “Naina” position, only one or two scenes, where a girl was planning to kidnap other than nothing, only the rowdies are fighting for the title. It’s just the director trust on comedies to magnetize the audiences and there is no logical, how a phobic person can lead a Don position is a magic. Again for attracting the audiences a popular channel program added, “Bahubali” few scenes of actions are emitted. Only the Background BGM’s made hyper the audiences compare to the songs.

Verdict: Kindergarten visualization aspect, no logic. Action not suits to GV. The comedies are more, actions are less.


G. V. Prakash Kumar * Johnny

Anandhi * Hema

Nirosha * Dhanam

Saravanan * “Naina” Doss

Charle * Doss’s Right hand

Karunas * Finger Babu

Yogi Babu * PuliKodi

VTV Ganesh * Benjamin

Rajendran * MahaChandana

RajVijay Varadharaj * Glory


Directed * Sam Anton

Produced * A. Subashkaran

Written * Sam Anton

Music * G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematography *Krishnan Vasant

Edited * Ruben

Production company * Lyca Productions

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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