Enakkul Oruvan review

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Enakkul Oruvan
Enakkul Oruvan

The film traverses through the fantasy and real world of an abortive youngster (Siddarth) who doesn’t get sleep over the night. Suffering from insomnia, he is offered by a bunch of strange funny people, a drug called ‘Lucia’ that lets him experience the world of his own designed dreams. The same characters of real life travel into the dream as well and here, he is a successful actor with more money, fortune and the glamour girls running behind him. But when we are about to take things for granted, a moment of shocking astonishment comes the way of connecting the two worlds.

The lead actor Siddarth has two different characterizations to perform. His role as a handsome and super hit actor carries the best appeal in all terms. He is simply fabulous with realistic approach to it. Be it arrogance or preferring privacy in public, he is so perfect. But in contrast, the avatar of theatre operator disappoints.

The role as when compared to the original version really needs a lot of pit over it. He is a man of failures and good heart. Just imagine this combination and how a person would be seen possessing these traits, but Siddarth casually carries the same attitude of what he is as an actor in other role. Only the looks differ, but the innocence that it deserves isn’t fulfilled. Deepa Sannidhi is okay with her performance; especially she does her best when seen as an ordinary girl working in pizza corner. Aadukalam Narain the absolute show-stopper.

Ajay Rathnam appears for name sake and director-actor Maheshwaran has done what is required for the role. But it is again disappointing to see such a great actor not utilized properly and so is the case with Yog Japee.

It is questionable on how he accepted to play such a role that doesn’t appear for more than three minutes.

Verdict to this movie is too slow with little engagement.

Starring                   *** Siddharth, Deepa Sannidhi, Naren
Director                   *** Prasath Ramar
Music                       *** Santosh Narayan
Production              *** Thirukumaran Entertainments


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