Enga Kaatula Mazhai Movie Review

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Genre: Amorous * with seedy baseline. Keeps with somnolence feeling throughout the movie.

Synopsis: “Enga Kaatula Mazhai” is directed by “Kulla Nari Kootam” director Sri Balaji, the story is all about a jobless guy and with the little romance sparked up the plot. The screenplay moves with the love traverse in the film has ultimately tired some, merely bothersome with the slackly scripted, another top most imbecility was the hero’s ingenuousness activities, really made screaming in each frame.

Story: The tale jerk with Murugan unripened behaviour, in the opening a bag was travelling, next sequels Murugan who explicit a short story about him that why the reason the fellow moved to Chennai. Nothing a big flashback, Murugan helps his friend Guberan by giving money to get a job in Dubai, unfortunately the man was getting cheated by the agent and (pleading his house document), this was coming to know by Murugan’s parents and sending him out that is the reason Murugan struggle to live in Chennai

Again, Murugan (Mitun Maheshwaran), and Guberan (Appu Kutty), struck up with a Hawala associates group and the illegal corrupted cop, Agni Eshwaran (Arul Doss), who target with the money bag. In these templates, Murugan gets love affair with Shruti and she was engaged to an IT guy, but jealous man Murugan spoils out their proposal. Finally, the money bag was taken by whom is a comical touch and for the viewers the director given whacky climax.

In all these frame a dog irritates the audience with his mind voice. Overall, the immature hero’s performances were ejected. In the songs sequels not much expression.

Verdict: Characteristics are lack of maturity and even with the story.


Mitun Maheshwaran

Shruti Ramakrishnan

Appu Kutty



Directed by * Sri Balaji

Music by * Sri Vijay

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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