Enna Thavam Seitheno Movie Review

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Monstrous love story * impact ruthlessness, the quality of being vicious and causing strain, literally infliction by the artists performance.

Synopsis: “Enna Thavam Seitheno” set forth with a basic love story. The lovers keep an affair with each other, but the girl’s father plans to separate them. The raging father, chased to kill both of them, in this mere script the heroine’s aggressive attitude and nettlesome throughout the film. With the distinct flicks of new releases “Traffic Ramasamy” and “Tik Tik Tik” the old concept of “Enna Thavam Seitheno” will sustain is doubtful.

Story: A loved couple with the blessing of unknown people, both were getting married to each other. The girl Vishnu Priya, who is rich in status and her father economically even controls the downtrodden people by his influence. As this man keeps affection with his daughter. The teenage girl Vishnu Priya’s maleficence activities and arrogant attitudes irritate the village people.

But in a situation, her mischief character, hurts, a few guys and they plan to revenge on her. She was getting kidnapped by a gang in the night time. In this circumstance, a dissemble person, who is an ice cream seller guy deliverance from them.

By then, she falls love with an ice cream seller man, Vishnu Priya’s father totally brutal man if his daughter was against to his policy. Now, both were eloping Andra Pradesh after the marriage. When the girl missed out, her father track to kill them. Finally, the girl getting back her father’s affection or couple is killed by her father is balanced screenplay.

Verdict: Love with the haughtiness.


Ghajini K

Vishnu Priya

Power Star Srinivasan


Director * Murabasalan

Producer * S Senthil Kumar

Music * Dev Guru

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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