Evanavan Movie Review

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Drama * open frames with a gimmick

Synopsis: The movie is directed by J. Nattikumar, production tracked by Karuna, Natraj, Pikecuntar, Thangamuttu, the leading roles are done by Vincent Ashokan, Sonia Agarwal. The flick explains about the innocent activities which proceed to felonious.

Story: The hero Akil, who was by mistakenly capture a video in the mobile phone of his girlfriend who go for a bath. While he was travelling in an auto, he misplaced the phone and moved out. Unfortunately, the mobile phone was reached in the hand of Charan, when the fellow about to give the phone to the concerned one, in this gap Akil’s miscellaneous made Charan to blackmail towards Akil. Now Charan orders Akil and if he says to slap a person with using sandal he has to do it or else Charan threaten Akil. At a point, Charan murder Akil will all twists what happens is the rest of the film by elongate out of tickled.

Cyberspace wagered a vital role and how society gets affected was projected. The mobile phone users are misled by their activities and the director had an eye on where the society goes on.

Debut hero Akil boosted up the film by his acting, Chran had exposed both the positive and the negative performances will speak out in good manner, Vincent Ashokan, Sonia Agarwal has done their job in a neat way. BGM of the film gives energetic, cinematographic strengthen towards the movie.

Verdict: Suspense


Vincent Ashokan

Sonia Agarwal.


Direction * J. Nattikumar

Cinematography * Arun Prasad

Editing * Rao

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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