Ezhumin Movie Review

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Genre: The flick “Ezhumin” communicate about something children’s protection and their safety purpose how the parents need to take steps in the evolution. 

Synopsis: The film opens with hyperbole, how our ancestors learnt and spreads about the soldierly art, which the people had superior skill that they learn by study, practice and by the observation. 

This made an interested while watching for a few seconds, suddenly the voice tracks towards, younger generation not even concentrating on the outdoor games and the parents thinks for safety purpose they made children to sit at home and satisfying with video games and other indoor games. 

The film awakening the parents mentalities has to change that the kids have the capacity of modifying the surroundings. Apart from education young buds need to learn in various arts, for their self-defence, such as Silambattam bamboo stick-fighting, Aikido, karate, judo, or Taekwondo, usually practiced as sports. 

Story: The director V.P. Viji tackles easily on both the aspects of giving an impart knowledge of some fact, Vishwanathan and Bharathi concentrate in their child’s growth, the couple focuses, that he wants to become a champion in all competitions. 

In the Sundaram academy, Azhagam Perumal who is a greedy man, focuses on money and for the middle class people, it is not possible to learn martial arts apart from this situation, if they join in the academy they can’t select in the competition. 

As such, in a competition the couple’s son getting victory and by over excitement that his heart pumps heavily and both of them missing their child. After the tragedy the couple, fulfilling their child’s wish and starting an academy and giving martial arts to the middle class people. Now the greedy Sundaram planning to stop the growth of Vishwanathan academy and the middle class children’s too. With the mild preaching effects the story comes to an end.

The film doesn’t contain glamorous sequels and unwanted excessive dialogues. The actor Vivek decent preaching and his mature acting made to like in every scene, in the mother eccentric Devayani done in a perfect way and the children’s energy levels over-the-top.

Verdict: The script depends for the children’s elating for their future outgrowth. 

Rating: 3 / 5


Vivek * Vishwanathan

Devayani * Bharathi

Azhagam Perumal * Sundaram

Prem * Police Officer

Latha Rao 


Directed by * V.P. Viji

Produced by * V.P. Viji

Written by * V.P. Viji

Music by * Ganesh Chandrasekaran

Cinematography * Gopi Jagadeeshwaran

Edited by * Karthik Ram

Production Company * Vaiyam Mediyas

PRO * R. Kumaresan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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