‘The Fabric of Dreams’ exhibition and sale of Kanchivaram sarees at the Folly, Amethyst

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Kanchivaram, circa 2017. Medium: silk and gold. An exhibition and sale of Kanchivaram sarees at the Folly, Amethyst, also doubles as an art appreciation course. Palam Silks presents some of the finest, most intricate pieces from its wide collection, for a curated exhibition called The Fabric of Dreams.

“Some of our sweetest, most magical memories come draped in Kanchivaram silk sarees,” says Jeyasree Ravi of Palam Silks. “The iridescent colours, the finely detailed craftwork of Kanchivarams have always been part of the most beautiful moments of our lives. That is why we call it the fabric of dreams. Like all fine art, it is an expression of our finest feelings.”  

Beginning with the traditional weavers of Kanchivaram a few centuries ago, the craft of Kanchivaram is born of consummate skill, with motifs from temple sculptures, nature and abstract shapes woven with fine silken and golden thread.

The designs have touched upon all the favourite elements like traditional getti pet border, floral wine border, zoomed out bhuttas, fashionable zari bhuttas inspired from heritage designs, geometric patters, bridal feature from Double Delight collections and the Platinum range from Silverline Collections. 

The Fabric of Dreams is a collection of fifty limited edition sarees that revisit and refresh this great tradition. The collection brings to life a set of intriguing, intricate designs curated by Jeyasree. They owe their brilliance to innovative weaving techniques and Palam’s efforts to contemporise the Kanchivarams while preserving their unique character.

 “It took us several years to change the popular perception that pattu sarees are worn only by brides during weddings,” says Jeyasree. “Now we have created a designer range of luxury silk sarees that can be worn on any occasion. The Fabric of Dreams took us over six months of intense work to complete and brings together traditional craft, artistic sensibility and contemporary design.”

 The exhibition set in a traditional milieu with contemporary twists, showcases the craft of Kanchivarams like never before: visitors can touch and feel the fabric, and find out exactly why it fascinates through the descriptive plaque that goes with each saree.

 The scheme of design includes all the venerated elements such as traditional getti pet border, floral wine border, zoomed out bhuttas, modern zari bhuttas and geometric patterns.

The Fabric of Dreams also hosts a photo exhibition called Kanchivaram on the Silk Route. This is a collection of pictures shot in the ancient silk trail connecting india, Tibet and China. The pictures feature stunning Kanchivarams with breathtaking snow-capped mountains as backdrop.

One comes way with the feeling that this is a perfect accompaniment to the heights of craft that Palam’s weavers have achieved.


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