Genius Movie Review

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Genre: The mental stress of a child leads to the feelings of an aggression that are manifest.

Synopsis: The director Suseenthiran usually dragged on for the commercial oriented scripts, in that list “Genius” title made an exaggeration about the storyline, more or less, a young boy who gets a topper in his classes, by this the buds life goes into pressure and how his grown up life inducing with both physical and mental discomfort.

The script moves up to 98 minutes, thank god there is no such silly love tracks. But, the first half quite endearing, that is how in the period of 1998 children were pressurized under the educational system. What happened to the “Genius” team went to top and all of a sudden fall down in the second half, to come out from the mental illness, the young man getting treated in a unique way and even the women was insulting by the dialogues.

Story: A young man Dinesh who works in an IT company, by his boss and with the target, he was working days and nights, which leads to freeze in a particular time, the colleagues rush to a hospital by seeing his condition, once the doctor’s diagnosis his disease that he had affect with mental strain and that he can’t achieve the target, his boss terminates from his office.

With all worries Dinesh parents proceeds with psychological treatment. Once the psychiatrist started to examine, his past life was beautiful with his grandparents and enjoys the annual holidays with full of joyful. But once Dinesh father (Aadukalam Naren) started to recognize the strengthen, Dinesh father made his educational life as in a mechanism. After all the unfavorable outcomes, how an aggressive father has changed the perception and began to live for his son and for the grandson.

Initial, Jayaprakash plays in a psychiatrist role and he gives treatment to Dinesh and how the educational pattern overlaps and the parents have constraint their mindset when the children wanted to get top in all the classes, all was going in a quite decent way. The second half, deviations made collapse on the screenplay and what went well in the opening which slipped out in the climax.

Roshan matured fitness apt to this film, Aadukalam Naren master card for this movie by the way he gives the output. Technical aspects, visualization of nature, river where the boy plays in the village made impressive and the BGM and songs are supports the film.

Verdict: Genius – Doltish

Rating: 2 / 5



Aadukalam Naren



Singam Puli

Erode Mahesh


Director * Suseenthiran

Producer * Roshan

Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja

PRO * Johnson

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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