God Father Movie Review

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A normal family man struggles towards the ruffian, utterly thrills out for the audience.

“God Father” director Jegan Rajshekar absolutely made an agitating screenplay, which the film travels in and round a flat contains with ten floors. A family man Abhiyaman (Natarajan Subramaniam), who is a common man, which he compromise with the society. With this nature, Abhiyaman faces a consequence in his life, with this baseline the film “God Father” exhilarating the audience.

Opening an aggressive gangster head Marudhu Singam Lal squeeze out his opponent in the atrocious manner. On the parallel, a soft nature Abhiyaman leads a happy life with his wife Mithra and along with his son Arjun. The family celebrates Arjun’s birthday party at their home. Suddenly, Abhi gets a shocking information from a clinic.

The other side, Marudhu’s son was admitted in a hospital, which his heart was pumping slowly and he struggles for survival and the doctor suggesting about heart transplantation. Unfortunately, all of a sudden, advised to the gangster no one will come forward to donate. In this crucial scenario, Marudhu decided to kill a small boy and his assistant checks out all the clinics and hospitals to target a boy.

Abhi’s son Arjun was targeted to kill, after the birthday celebration the innocent father Abhi’s how the way he struggles towards the gangster to safeguard his son, Marudhu fired at Abhi’s flat was having an unusual and impressive climax was given by the director Jegan Rajshekar. Natarajan Subramaniam flourishes his performance by an adorable father’s eccentric, Ananya Nair appeared in mother’s character. The songs and BGM were the quality of being impressive.

Verdict: Good father

Rating: 3/5


Abhiyaman * Natarajan Subramaniam

Mithra * Ananya Nair

Marudhu Singam * Lal


Directed by * Jegan Rajshekar

Music by * Naviin Ravindran

Cinematography * Shanmugasundaram

PRO * Nikil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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