Goli Soda 2 Movie Review

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Genre: Action * the series of upshots that form a plot, holding a rapidly and energetically.

Synopsis: Previous version “Goli Soda” of S. D. Vijay Milton is being fermented into full fledged in the version 2 that similar of quondam movie, the director has attempted both the versions, that the downtrodden youngsters were stir vigorously for their recognition, initial level guys were helpless in their attribute of being physically or mentally strong and in the second half exploring the angry on the scoundrels and eventually keying out their identity.

The script was belonging to trio guys, Shiva, Maaran and Oli. The director evinced the feebler sequels of the men, they were losses the aspirant and couldn’t sustained among the highest standard villains. The director Vijay Milton’s second attempt gives a position that he has to sustain in his upcoming movies.

Story: The contentedness kickoffs with each guy’s life messes with distinct problems and these different troubles joining them into one phase. The flick opens with a cop
Gautham Menon, who was investigating Samuthirakani. By the continues probe, the story leads towards, the destitute guys intercepted by the royalties.

At a point, they were reckoning, they need to come out from the oppressed by people in power. A fellow, who works with a rowdy gang and by her lovers assistance he plan to work in a decent job. Unfortunately, she was getting pregnant before marriage. The next guy, wanted to become as a football player and this guy’s lover faces the problem of cast system and last fellow, who drives an auto plan to go with a car. Now all their dreams were getting spoiled by the three villains.

These boys were interconnected with each other and struggling to overlap towards the villains and by an old man’s guidelines all the three guys dumping out the ruffians. The climax moves to again Samuthirakani and Gautham Menon sequel, the cop had held up the evidence and with help of Samuthirakani the fellows were moving towards the North side for their better life with their girls.

The first half getting into slow phase and by the screenplay the tale makes the audience in the energized way. The expectations of the flick were Gautham Vasudev Menon and Samuthirakani rattling approaches. The three men were getting fluctuates in their performances by the director’s guides. The songs are attributed the power of fighting sequels.

Verdict: Erstwhile abstract. A three guys emotions are given by aghast.



Chemban Vinod Jose



Krisha Kurup

Saravana Subbaiah

Bharath Seeni

Gautham Vasudev Menon


Sathya murthi


Directed by * S. D. Vijay Milton

Produced by * Bharath Seeni

Music by * Achu Rajamani

Cinematography * S. D. Vijay Milton

Edited by * Deepak

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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