Guinness Record certificate achievement Meet “Most faces painted in 4 hours”

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Five Artists – LRamachandran, Azhagesan, Anandan, Vijayaraj, Rosario John Victor

The Art and Tharansia joined together and achieved Guinness World record and Unique World Record in the theme “Medley of Art for World peace”

Record Title: Most Faces painted in 4 hours

This idea is conceived and executed by renowned International Photographer Dr.LRamachandran who already well versed and experienced photographer in this artistic field.

The Art and Tharansia are joined together set a new world record in the painting genre in the record title ‘Most Faces painted in 4 Hours (Team). Five Artist LRamachandran, Azhagesan, Anandan, Vijayaraj, Rosario John Victor set this new record, they painted 950 Different faces in 4 hours in the theme Medley of Art.

The record event happened in Everwin group of schools, Chennai on January 10(Friday) at 9 Am to 2pm.

Previous record held by the most faces painted in four hours is 680, by a team of five face painters – Helen Elvins, Helen Eyre, Sandra Crofts, Rosie Watson and Jane Amatt (all UK) – in Birmingham, UK, on 18 April 2012.

LRamachandran once he got with this idea of Guinness world record, immediately he decided to execute it in a bigger perspective with a social cause. So we searched for previous record set and it’s happened on 2012 in England. And there are lot of people tried to break and set a new record but they are not able to break it. With all these challenge he chose other 4 artist and motivated them positively to set a new world record. We approached Everwin group of schools for this record, they so happily volunteered themselves for the record. Our five artist practiced well by painting with mannequins and they self-trained themselves very passionately to achieve this record successful. And we liked to do it in a Social cause, so decided the theme Medley of Art for world Peace.

LRamachandran previously launched his artistic Photographic book “Medley of Art” which combines fusion of art and photography. In the same name he attempted this world record for the world peace, which means fusion of art.

Art 41, a leading Art gallery of Chennai, quite impressed in this Guinness World record concept and its social cause. So they immediately associated with Tharansia and LRamachandran to execute this event successfully.

In front of Chief adjudicator from world records and witnesses from the respective art field we started to set a new World Record. With support of the young dynamic students and teachers from Everwin Group of Schools Five artist painted tremendously and break the previous record in 3 hours by painting 700 more people and in 4 hours they completed by painting 950 different faces and a set a new Guinness World Record.


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