Gulaebaghavali Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * is the only catchword, a quick and energetic incident which gears up  the sequence and convincing the drama.

Synopsis: The director Kalyaan’s “Gulaebaghavali” title, which was given a beyond to an imaginative and deviating the audience from the usual expectations about the storyline. Once step into the theatre outlooks were getting dropped out.  For the songs and the duration the hero Badri and heroine Viji characters are embraced. The entire content and comedies was prolonged with the strong and new dimension had taken by Revathi in Masha eccentric other than Ramadoss, Mansoor Ali Khan, Sathyan and Rajendran and Yogi Babu fending for the waggeries. Prabhu Deva’s films always stuffed with all aromas that can be expected. 

Story: Nambi Mansoor Ali Khan is a leader of a smuggling gang, they use to lootings the ancient idols among them Badri who is an indefatigable and impudent guy and Nambi’s trustworthy for his plans. Next is Viji Hanshika Motwani, she plans to loot things and small amounts of rich people to take care of her sister and Revathi without any motto steal cars from the anserine people like Sathyan and Rajendran. Forth with, from the hidden secret of Gulaebaghavali temple a treasured worthy was dumped by Anandaraj and his relative’s father who immersed in the British period and plan to take out, Anandaraj gang fixes Badri and sends Munish (Ramdoss), along with him and Munish was a stalwart towards the gangster. The robbery gang or the gangster will get the exchequer of the Gulaebaghavali temple!!!

On traversing with Mansoor Ali Khan and Yogi Babu’s comedies were blended appropriately for the flick, (especially Rajendran’s who take care of a skeleton and that he trust skeleton is his mother) which was given strength to the grip down script, Ramdoss’s innocuous pulling the viewers in the mirthful track, Prabhu Deva’s dance lacks out in the peppiness songs, Hansika Motwani had pushed down her weight even in the performance side, missed out her charming and pudginess. The actress Revathi had moved on to a new track that shows her  distinct. Overall the director concentrated only on comedy portions.

Verdict: Entertainment, but the film scrambles a lot to sustain in the theatres.


Prabhu Deva * Badri

Hansika Motwani * Viji

Revathi as Masha


Madhusudhan Rao

Ramdoss * Munish



Mansoor Ali Khan * Nambi

Yogi Babu

Ambani Shankar

T. M. Karthik


Directed by * Kalyaan

Produced by * Kotapadi J. Rajesh

Written by * Kalyaan

Music by * Vivek–Mervin

Cinematography * R. S. Anandakumar

Edited by * Vijay Velkutty

Production Company * KJR Studios

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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