Gurkha Movie Review

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Self critics sometime lead to positive assessment – scripts were cast in, according to Yogi Babu.

Even though the film doesn’t have coherent stuff, Yogi Babu’s frivolous manner, which made curious about to watch out the film. Certainly, “Gurkha” doesn’t hold any distinctive concept and even Yogi Babu made to compare with his previous movie “Dharmaprabhu” both films somewhere hitting the politicians, media people and spiritualities, if this continued feel to be overdosed.

A familiar religious man’s secret video, political people’s disputes, my goodness still in how many movies going to be pictured. Now, it has become trendy that hitting on screen about the current scenarios of social circumstances. In such case, after the film “Dharmaprabhu” Yogi Babu leads with prior eccentric as a security guard.

As usual, Yogi Babu’s physical appearance and uproarious dialogues pull him down from the destination, which he wants to become as a policeman. During the training period Yogi Babu and a slothful dog were getting rejected. As he is belongs to Gurkha family, Yogi Babu’s grandmother explicit their family’s fame that his grandfather sacrifices his soul for his people when he was in duty time.

After the frustrations, Yogi Babu takes his family job and he was placed in the Mall. A gang is deciding to control of the Mall and the demand for the huge amount towards the government. With this screenplay, how the way Yogi Babu safeguard the people from the money makers.

Masterminded of the film is Sam Anton, that he evaluates his film with the Blue shirt man’s style at the end of the film. The movie was produced and screenplay had concentrated by Sam Anton, Anand Raj’s portions are truly hilarious, with timely comical was projected. Over artists like Charle, Mano Bala and Livingston are okay with their portions.

Verdict: Yogi Babu follows the same formula, upcoming films will be bored.

Rating: 2 / 5


Yogi Babu

Anand Raj


Raj Bharath


Elyssa Erhardt * American foreign ambassador


Directed by * Sam Anton

Produced by * Sam Anton

Screenplay by * Sam Anton

Music by *Raj Aryan

Cinematography * Krishnan Vasant

Edited by * Ruben

Production Company * 4 Monkeys Studios

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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