Gypsy Movie Review

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Love script floury all over the scenes.

A couple of famed films “Cuckoo” and Joker director Raju Murugan has given a lethargic tale. The film “Gypsy” recalls a set of the blockbuster movie. Mostly the directors tried to bring out the distinctive story narration for the audience and they get down with the screenplays. Unluckily, “Gypsy” film director touches the familiar stories which unspeakable with the known  scene flashes again on the screen.

 Initially, the film strategically placed on war between India and Pakistan, which the young bud loses his family and the orphan young one goes with pathetic situation. The small boy Gypsy’s positions were understood by a person which he leads an unsettled life and roams from one place to another place. Certainly, the young boy follows his adopted parent lifestyle.  

Gypsy Jiiva had a quality of singing with this ability the grown up guy moves towards the southern side. Even the guy follows his adopted father’s lifestyle, which he never stays in a place. Once he reached to Nagoor, Waheeda belongs to a restricted Muslim family, but in this scenario the girl was getting attracted with Gypsy and both were falls in love. Now, Waheeda situation made them to run off from the place.   

The couple getting shelter in the place of Varanasi, both were getting settled in same place. At a point, Waheeda was getting pregnant and both settled permanently in Varanasi. Now, Waheeda was getting suppress by the community. In this situation, Gypsy was getting prison for public violence. The couple was getting separated. All these recalled Manirathinam movie in some portions.

Jiiva’s performances is being admired on his each frame, Natasha Singh has given her best. Overall wearied narration. 

Verdict: Story – submerging 

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Jiiva * Gypsy

Natasha Singh as Waheeda

Sunny Wayne 

Lal Jose as Muthaleef

Susheela Raman


Written and directed by * Raju Murugan

Produced by * Ambeth Kumar

Music by * Santhosh Narayanan

Susheela Raman  

Cinematography * Selvakumar S. K.

Edited by * Raymond Derrick Crasta

Production Company * Olympia Movies

PRO * Yuvaaraj 

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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