Hanumanum Mayilravananum Movie Review

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Genre: Mythic content * evidenced in traditional stories; factual basis of historical validity with animation effects to elevate the children.

Synopsis: The team had concentrated on Ramayanam epic and presented a portion, which in the overnight the two princedom were getting into agony. The animated film holds with emotional songs. A professional who had been tried out an animation flick and that he had experienced in the animation field even, worked with Warner Brothers. As the team shared out the current generation, hadn’t exposed with epic and getting crazy on Hollywood animated films. Finally, stumble that this movie really made children in tempted and eager to knowledge themselves. The film contains of 2D and in 3D.

Story: The film opens up, the children’s converse with an old grandpa, in the informal speech. The grandpa getting into Ramayanam. In the battle place, Ravana loss all his weapons, the prince Rama states, killing a person without the weapons, it is not a war ethic. So the great man Rama leaves Ravana in the war area and he says that, today you go and come tomorrow. By getting sad, Ravana thinks about his situation and decided to seek help from a hefty man and his name was Myil Ravanan. The man is a thaumaturgist that he can take numerous appearance which he would prefer.

Now, Myil Ravanan goes to the secret place of Sugriva and mesmerize the strongest people Hanuman and Sugriva. As Myil Ravanan, took them into the Pathala Ulazgam and his motto to kill 1000 princes so that he achieves super power. As he had killed 998 princes, the balance was Rama and Lakshman. Now the task was given to Hanuman to redeeming the princes. Finally, how Hanuman rescued his lovable Rama and Lakshman from Myil Ravanan custody.

Verdict: Animated movie

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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