I R 8 Movie Review

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Frustration of farmers, utterly hyped up on the consequences.

“I R 8” absolutely knots in, every individual human mind as the film based on agriculture storyline. “IR8” it’s a rice variety and the farmers gets beneficiary of IR8, which it has been called as the miracle rices, obviously the content frames in rural places and issues of farmers. The director N. P. Ismail motto is to focus on organic farming and by the way how the farmers face the troubles with the political people. 

In a village, an old father who struggles for his family’s growth, which his first son who is an agricultural graduate second son works in the urban place, the farmer had a daughter that her husband believes in political people, which he join with the politicians and does the malpractices. The poor old man Kamaraj mortgage his agricultural land towards a greedy man who live in the same village for his sons higher education and daughter’s marriage.

Unfortunately, water scarcity pulls him down that agricultural activities have been stopped. Both Kamaraj and his son controversial on their opinions. Kamaraj like to do organic farming, but his first son opposite to him which he believes on the chemical farming.

In the scenario, a multinational company steps in the village and target on the Kamaraj’s land the greedy village royal man utilities this situation and he started to pressurize on Kamaraj. The hapless Kamaraj takes a miserable decision by this circumstance the lethargic Kamaraj’s sons try to bring an evolutionary. 

“I R 8” completely depends on rural communities and farmers unsound scenarios. The artists Haneefa, Vishwa, Appu Kutty, Karate Raja and Subburaj done their portions in the adequate way, S Goneswaran composed the songs which were in an unacquainted manner. For the comical portions Appu Kutty and Karate Raja have been engaged up in the story. 

Verdict: I R 8 – good attempt.

Rating: 2.5 / 5




Appu Kutty

Karate Raja



Directed by * N. P. Ismail

Music by * S Goneswaran

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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