ILAI Movie Review

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Genre: Emotional * between a kinship.

Synopsis:  A script rambling in a remote place, where the women never get their identify, womanhood is only for taking care of household works, even girls are born to get married to the men, these are the general norms experienced by ladies years of year in that village. The director strengthens the film in a single word women’s education, but the flick was elongated that the student running in many sequels finally she holds her destination by missing her father. Read out the story how she gets struggles and how the way misses her loving dad.

Story: The director Bineesh Raja, moved in the period of 1991, a 10th STD girl ILAI (Swathy Narayana) who had the only support of her father to fulfil the wish to become a better position in the education, instead her mother, uncle and the surrounding people who are all against for her studies. In this condition, her final exam reached out, again the village head’s daughter Chitra jealous on ILAI, so Chitra’s father and the ILLAI’s uncle planning to hurt her father, so that ILLAI loses support for her education. Once, she attains the last exam, ILLA father was getting harmed by Pannaiyar and ILLAI’s father was hospitalized. But in this situation, she was thinking of her wishes and father’s ambition and starting to go for the last exam, ILAI’s mother asking her to take care of young children. In this circumstance, did she appeared for the last exam, father’s and her wishes became true is the balance narration.

Come to the heroine Swathy Narayana is an over-the-top the way she changed in the eccentric, she carries her young sister in the hand, runs for the miles and miles without rest, talking to a cow by saying the words for the one day, please adjust to me and give milk to her sister, even the young Dr. Swathy Narayana physically looked like a tenth STD student. Overall ILAI character long stretches in acting and by running with lots of patience. The father role done by King Mohan, who gives his full affectionate towards ILAI, the songs are on the neat display by the music composer Vishu. V. Divakar, the girl struggles for her last exam, which felt like a snail screenplay, other than the director made the audience to bite the nails what will happen to her last exam!!!


Swathy Narayana

King Mohan



Vishal. V. Divakar.

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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