Ilami Movie Review

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Ilami-2016Genre: Love content attempt by empirical or hypothetical

Synopsis: ‘Ilami’ is depicted of Tamil lifestyle and civilization in the period of eighteen century the director Julien Prakash and his unit had concentrated on the depth of the ancient value of Jallikattu and even pictured the potential of Tamil slang, the food habits and even the physical appearance in the archaic Madurai, a sensitive love couple is the source of the film and to this fitted was a common god for the both Kiliyur and Mangulam village people want to sustain the idol in their villages. The tale made an aggregate information on Jallikattu.

Story: An unveiling director Julien Prakash’s ‘Ilami’ explains about an ancient love story, Ilami (Anu Krishna) Was the daughter of Kiliyur’s headman Veerayyan (Ravi Mariya). She is in love with Karuppu (Yuvan) Survive in the place of Mangulam and who takes in search of hunting the animals with his friends. In the place of ancient Madurai the contiguous villages of Kiliyur and Mangulam were friends, basically they were having a bitterness over an idol of lord Karuppu. The idol prolonged over to the periods in the Kiliyur. This is the situation a clever and the courageous Sadaipuli (Akhil) From Mangulam village brings out a quarrel between the two villages to control the people in his hand and also keeps the eyes on Ilami and the Veerayyan announces to everyone, he will sacrifice the idol and give his daughter to the one who domesticates his own strongest animal in the Vadam Jallikattu Bull-taming sport, Karuppu the young guy who lives in the Mangulam was struggling to capture the prestigious. Simultaneously, wanted to hold hands of Illami. Chief, who advise by giving the techniques how to tackle a bull in the Jallikattu and once Karuppu and his friends practices the proficiencies the cunning guy Sadaipuli cheating Karuppu and getting the award, but the lovers taking the decision to elope to get help from the chief for their happy life.

Verdict: The director and team had researched about the Jallikattu in the ancient period, but still itching keeps on the climax.



Anu Krishna


Story * Writer * J. Julian Prakash

Music Director * Srikanth Deva

Producer * J. Julian Prakash

Director * J. Julien Prakash

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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