Inayathalam Movie Review

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Genre: Cybercrime * riveted on the social network and its encroachment

Synopsis:  The upcoming movies were focusing on the criminal offences occurrence on the internet site, last week the film “Lens” deal with the privateness of an individual woman’s life was abused, this week “Inayathalam” based on a someone who is struck by the social media and even the directors concentrated on the people who have addicted to the Facebook and Twitter, Ganesh Venkatraman’s previous movies speak out his performances, “Inayathalam” which makes his carrier befuddled. The directors Shankar and Suresh made the film quaggy in the first half of the screenplay.

Story: Swetha Menon and Erode Mahesh works in the cyber crime department, Delhi Ganesh who is a hyperactive on the social media and a channel reporter who makes the news article as a hot, both been targeted by a stranger and their death were happening in a peculiar way, as the Delhi Ganesh was tied up on bed, injected with drops of hidden medical term medicine, he was linked to a website and was announced, the viewers list increases his death hits soon, same to the reporter who was tied up and made stands on the big Ice bar, again announced the viewers list increases, the ice bar melts soon and he hit to the death. Both deaths couldn’t predict by the cybercrime officer Swetha Menon and by the technical supporter as a Erode Mahesh, in this investigation Erode Mahesh grapheme was killed by the perpetrator in the same technique. After a long struggle the criminal coming forward and applying the technology to murder Swetha Menon. Check out the last 20 minutes of the giddy ending, who is the culprit and what was the flashback and why infuriated on the web site. Erode Mahesh drolleries tone up only on the channel shows, but as in this flick his comedies cherished to search.

Verdict: Time passes drama


Ganesh Venkatraman * Ganesh

Shweta Menon * Helen


Delhi Ganesh

Y. G. Mahendra * I.G Sabapathy

Erode Mahesh * Ganapathy


Directed * Shankar & Suresh

Music * Arrol Corelli

Cinematography * Karthik Raja

Edited * M. R. Rejeesh

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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