“India Pakistan” Movie Review

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India Palistan Movie
India Pakistan Movie

Genre: Comedy * trust on lengthy fun with entertainment, some portions are vulgar has been satiated.

The rubric of the movie: audience lesser their eagerness towards the movie, “INDIA PAKISTAN” Title not contented tile, fighting between hero and heroine not that much extended.

Outline: a fine script based on long-drawn-out comedy oriented film, makes abundantly entertainment from commence on movie till the end of the film. The comedy crew of the movie, which draws an eye treat for the viewers.

Story: With an awful introduction’s of Vijay Antony in the lift area scene continues Kaadhaluku Mariyathai resembling, hero and heroine imminent for one DVD, the director made inches each scene with humorous, both of them Karthick and Mellina were approaching for rented office to lead their professional job, with some pull out they doesn’t know each of them working in the same field. This makes a crushed on them; naively both were in love with at some point.

In that comedy gang Haridass makes extra flour for the movie. He flourishes as a house broker and from his village a group of people impending for the advocates. The couple of groups have an issue in their land, Kattamuthu is potency in his village and he has been taking on Karthick to argue for his case. On the other side, Mellina were fixing Marudha as his client.

Here an interweave, DVD plays a role in the movie, an inspector ooze has been captured by a reporter and insert in the Kaadhaluku Mariyathai DVD box. The director sketched the entire track and with an effusive compressed all the scenes in the final touch were in lavish of comedies. Watch the movie, judgment had got in which client side? And make comedy showers in the hot summer.

Director N. Anand believed and rolled out the movie with funny side, Vijay Antony expressed his acting in a malleable texture. Heroine (Sushma) had exposed bumpy in each and every portions. Jagan explains in his own style, earthy dialogues. Overall cricket season cores, cricket part is trendy of upcoming movies.

Verdict: “INDIA PAKISTAN” lesser score between hero and heroine fighting, and comedy sequence boost up at the final score board.


Direction * N. Anand

Editor * N. Om

Music * Dheena Devarajan

Art Director * Sakthi Venkatraj

Stunt * “Bila” Jagan

Lyrics * J. Kalai kumar & Annamalai

Dance Masters * “baba” Baskar, Ajay raj, & Sheriff


Vijay Antony * Karthick

Sushma * Mellina

Pasupathy * Kattamuthu

Jagan * Haridass

M. S. Baskar * Marudhu

Manobala * Idichapuli


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