Inji Iduppazhagi Movie Review

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Inji-IduppazhagiGenre: Amorous love * evince the charming hero, between the copulate heroines, has been getting a quandary situation.

Waggishness * by the heroine activities, looks clean-handed in her childish expression.

Outline: Inji Iduppazhagi (ginger hip prettiest girl) heroine’s continues smash hit, bring out a vague, heroines have glutted to equalize with the heroes, to mold them harmonizing to their characters. The young Sweety (Anushka Shetty) always cheerful girl, and her father makes boost up in every action. The prettiest sweety had a redundant in intake habit, this gained her with overweight, now the shapeless Sweety hitting the teenage and waiting for the bridegroom, the gleeful Sweety gets sarcastic situation for her figure and rejection by the bridegroom. The storey moves the film by the concept of as the sexy girls are struggling to achieve with figures, by attractive advertising of instant remedies.

Story: The director Prakash Kovelamudi has a melodic phrase of structured in every individual character, the hero (Arya) Abhi, who had been staying in aboard, returning Indian for the good causes, and his professionalism in documentary film making. The heroine (Soundarya) was getting attraction with Arya, after their proposal gets down, Abhi has the attitude in his fitness, and more diet conscious, but Sweety quite opposite to him. Sweety’s mother (Urvashi) dragged her to the fitness center, to make figure in. But methods followed by Size Zero
Satyanand had unseasonable process. Spotter the sequences of Sweety’s friend Jyothi critical condition months later, after committing to Zero Size center.
The languages of Tamil and Telugu was mixed, shows the peerless in dialogues deliveries, the leading artist appearance and the lip movement satisfies the Tamil audiences. The film was motivating towards the fattest people. The campaign was organized by the gang of people and getting success, it was shown in different aspects, the film anticipated by a fewer thinker like me, the pair had clashed with figure and getting misunderstood and rejoining. The director portrayed the movie in a positive approach. As usual Anushka persists in her acting, Urvashi had done the portions in her own style of performances. Being Arya in the role, fight scenes and some ingredients couldn’t find. The songs and sequences are pictured by the poised to the common viewers’.

Verdict: A social cause, a message was conveyed with fun and entertaining.

Arya * Abhi (Abhishek)

Anushka Shetty * Sweety

Sonal Chauhan * Simran

Prakash Raj * Size Zero Satyanand

Urvashi * Rajeshwari

Pavani Gangireddy


Gollapudi Maruti Rao

Master Bharath

Cameo appearances:

Bobby Simha

Hansika Motwani


Kajal Aggarwal

Lakshmi Manchu


Rana Daggubati


Sri Divya



Directed * Prakash Kovelamudi

Produced * Prasad V Potluri

Written * Telugu dialogues:


Tamil dialogues:

Rakav Mirdath

R. S. Prasanna

Screenplay * Kanika Dhillon

Story * Kanika Dhillon

Music * M. M. Keeravani

Cinematography * Nirav Shah

Edited * Prawin Pudi

Production company * PVP Cinema

Distributed * PVP Cinema

Minutes * 125


Mixture of entertainment like movie related to photographs, Events, Commercial Events and News.