Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu Movie Review

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A distinctive narration.

The film “Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu” explores out beyond usual expectations by the unveiling director Athiyan Athirai. At the Kollywood industry unknown concept envisioned to the audience, which was an intellectual scrap industry in what way terribly handle the daily stakes makes them in a pitilessly manner.

A destitute Selvam (Dinesh), who is a lorry driver and his boss Marimuthu run an iron scrap shop. Parallel to, Selvam falls in love with a teacher Chithra (Anandhi), she is an upper cast girl. In this scenario, Selvam had a couple of destinations in his life was that he wanted to become as an owner for a lorry and the second thing he wanted to lead a happy life with his girlfriend.

In a circumstance, Selvam gets a work that he has been pushing the load of iron to the concerns place. At a point, which were the destroyed bombs’ in the second world war dumped in the ocean. An exclusive bombs incorporated into Selvam’s lump sum of metal loads. Unfortunately, the bomb had the capacity of blasting power.

With this information, the cops and a journalist chases towards the bomb which should not affect. In this serious circumstance, Selvam’s girlfriend faces some problem from her family side and moves out from the family. The story moves in complicated scenario, the journalist Dhanya Rhythvika and Selvam struggles out from all the situations was the film explicated in arduous screenplay.

Usually, the actor Dinesh merges himself towards the scripts in that list Selvam eccentric is being added, perfection was there in the character, Rhythvika character explained in well manner. The actress Anandhi following the same innocent eccentric in upcoming movies. The songs are highly skilled which was given by the music director Tenma.

Verdict: blasting out

Rating: 3 / 5





John Vijay


Directed by * Athiyan Athirai

Music by * Tenma

Cinematography * Kishor Kumar

Producer * Pa. Ranjith

PRO * Guna

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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